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Help - the data bomb is exploding!

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Increase employee productivity and reduce the costs in your company

Many companies are looking for ideas to increase employee productivity and reduce the cost of business operations to increase their competitiveness. As information in society becomes increasingly and more digitized, the moment has come to get more of a grip on the huge mountain of data, and to implement smart solutions for managing this data from the cradle to the grave.

It is a business problem that sometimes even gets the better of the IT department and needs attention from top management to set the course.

What growth in data volumes is expected by 2015?

Data volumes in both large and small organizations are still growing explosively. According to a recent study by IBM, the digital universe (the total amount of digital information) will double every twelve months. As a result, we will produce thirty-two times more information in 2015 than in 2010. These conclusions are not surprising in themselves; these figures are after all already common knowledge. What is surprising is that not too many organizations seem to take concrete action in the light of this, whilst productivity can be greatly improved.

A sketch of the problem

A couple of reasons for the explosive growth of data volumes is that more and more transactions are handled digitally via the Internet and the legal retention periods are increasing. The cost of data archiving is increasing significantly because of this growth, not least because this data is often stored on expensive storage media. In addition, this increase leads to higher management costs and underperformance for the end user, who also can no longer see the wood for the trees, due to the amount of irrelevant data.

  1. Example 1: An employee of a company sees a list of thousands of contacts in the CRM system, of which almost 80% are no longer clients and will never order anything again. With smart archiving, the list can be split into active customers and inactive customers. Employees and managers can now work much faster because they can get the right customer information on the screen almost instantly. In addition, searching in a short list is many times faster than searching in a long list.
  2. Example 2: Someone wants to update a file with the company brochure. Due to the extensive structure of the folders and the number of files, it takes more than thirty seconds before the file is located. By sorting the files according to usage on the one hand and archiving the non-active files and folders on the other hand, that time can be reduced to a maximum of five seconds.

Huge savings

Assuming that several employees do this many times per day, the time saving in an average company can amount to 250 seconds x 500 employees = 125,000 seconds = 23 hours per day. This multiplied by 200 days in the year represents a time saving of 7,000 hours. Employees can now focus on the customer and their productivity even better than before.

Towards a lasting solution

Many organizations add storage disks randomly or seek the solution in all kinds of content management facilities, in order to be able to control the large amounts of data. Such projects are likely to fail and not achieve the desired performance, because the data volumes today are so huge. By dividing data in advance into active and non-active components, your content management can also become much greater in value.

A spin-off effect is that the savings made by data reduction, using smart archiving, are immediately passed through to all the connected systems such as reports, dashboards and test environments etc. Each life stage of the data has its own requirements with respect to availability and storage. A significant cost reduction can be achieved in many cases by selecting the storage medium that is appropriate to the life stage.

Smarter cooperation

A better alignment between business and IT ensures that business requirements are translated into a data management strategy and a smart solution that ensures that the data bomb in your company does not explode, employees are more productive and costs are reduced. Data archiving projects at customers, but also the internal projects, have been given a higher chance of success by the fact that the necessary behavioral and organizational competencies and the success factors of project management have also been examined.

Our service

Passionned does research on both the demand side of the market (what are the problems, needs and requirements of organizations) and the supply side (what solutions are offered by various suppliers). Passionned can prepare a business case for your organization that works out what the profit will be compared to the current situation. Passionned may also be helpful in identifying the business requirements and offer advice for the most suitable solution. For more information, please contact Rick van der Linden.

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