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Adeptia Integration Server (AIS)Adeptia Integration Server (AIS) is a state-of-the-art software product that includes comprehensive, end-to-end functionality to meet any organisations’ current and future integration requirements. It integrates any application with any data at any location.

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Which features does Adeptia Integration Server (AIS) support?

If you want to know how Adeptia Integration Server (AIS) scores on different key selection criteria and exactly which functionality it provides. We did all the work for you. Software suppliers will often tell you only the strengths of their product(s). In our vendor neutral survey, all the features are revealed, including the weak ones. Why buy our vendor independent survey?

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Clarity and reusability

Adeptia Integration Server (AIS) is SOA based and supports reusable services and parameter driven components. The process framework allows splitting, spawn, and calling of sub-processes separately. User-defined, callable functions are supported in AIS. Comments can be added to each activity and are linked to each activity. Also, Users can publish the process in PDF (along with process design, activities and comments /annotations) to document their work.

Do the ETL and the EAI processes use the same metadata?

Metadata services are decoupled from the processes. They exist as independent objects and can be used in both ETL and EAI processes scenarios.

Read once write to multiple targets and vice versa

Adeptia can read the source data once and can clone the parsed data into several streams and write those to any number of targets tables/databases. Multiple sources to single target are supported. Data can be picked from two different tables (same structure or not) and then mapped to one target table.

Conditional writes

Data elements are exposed in the process context and Developers can add Rules to route data stream to different targets depending on those rules. AIS process designer includes Rules Repository where Developers can easily define rules on the record and/or data elements.


“It doesn’t excel at anything except the low price”

Rick van der Linden, senior analyst and author of the ETL Tools & Data Integration Survey said about Adeptia Integration Server (AIS): “A reasonable product that in comparison to its competitors doesn’t excel at anything except the low price.” Find out more and order now the ETL Tools & Data Integration Survey 2018.

100% vendor independent research

In the ETL Tools & Data Integration Survey 2018 you’ll find the list of ETL tools in the market, including for each ETL solution an expert review, many comparison graphs and a comparison matrix with all the features. And a thorough 100% vendor independent evaluation of Adeptia Integration Server (AIS) and all the major ETL platforms.

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