Informatica's Cloud edition | A game-changer in data integration

Cloud Spring 2014 release named a game-changer by Informatica

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Informatica’s Cloud Spring 2014 is now available. Ash Kulkarni, senior vice president and general manager of Data Integration at Informatica, calls it a game-changer.

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Cloud Spring 2014 release named a game-changer by Informatica

IT developers get a drag-and-drop palette for advanced integration scenarios and line-of-business applications users get a wizard-based, self-service interface – all in one unified design environment.

A complete cloud-based environment

Cloud Designer brings the power of Informatica’s integration design tools into a completely cloud-based design environment. This translates into faster time-to-value for SaaS application users, increased productivity for integration developers, and reduced IT infrastructure costs with no on-premise tools to deploy and manage.

Real-time hybrid app integration

This release also provides real-time hybrid app integration. Real time cloud-to-cloud data integrations – like Salesforce CRM to Netsuite – are processed in the cloud. Real-time cloud to on-premise integrations – like Salesforce CRM to SAP – however, can be processed both in the cloud or on-premise all depending on preferences of the customer and data privacy and regulatory requirements.

A novelty

A novelty that delivers identical performance, functionality and security regardless of where the processing takes place, be it in front or behind the corporate firewall. Source:

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