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BI giants square off

In the Business Intelligence Tools Survey 2019 a vendor independent comparison between OBIEE vs Cognos and fourteen other Business Intelligence tools is made on more than 100 selection criteria. The criteria we are talking about here are critical for achieving success with Business Intelligence. For example does OBIEE or Cognos support role-based reporting and can report components be reused across the business intelligence implementation, whether they are used in web reports, dashboards, analysis, the intranet or a mobile variant.

OBIEE and Cognos score almost equal, but…

From our research it became clear that OBIEE and Cognos score almost equal points if you take all the criteria into consideration. So to speak they are very close to each other. But in the different categories they score different, not to mention their completely different pricing model. In the BI tools comparison matrix all the details are available.

Some history

Cognos was aquired a few years ago by IBM and the software company Oracle bought at almost the same time the company Siebel which had created a suitable reporting solution for their CRM system. You may think that the difference between OBIEE vs Cognos lies in the fact that OBIEE can’t have an open infrastructure because it is part of Oracle and will connect better to Oracle databases than other databases. But that is not the case. OBIEE, formerly known as Siebel Analytics, is based on Microsoft technology and connect also very well to SQL Server (and other databases as well). The native connectivity of OBIEE vs Cognos is respectively 13 points vs 12 points, which may surprise you.

What is the big difference?

There is difference between the Business Intelligence tools OBIEE and Cognos. And it is? Predictive Analytics. If you want to know more about the two tools, there is a 100% vendor independent comparison between OBIEE vs Cognos available for purchase. For your convenience it contains also comparisons of 16 other BI tools. If you are interested you may consider buying the BI Tools Survey 2019.

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