The concept and philosophy behind The Intelligent Organization
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There are many unintelligent organizations

Many companies and organizations are insufficiently intelligent. Compared to the amount of intelligent organizations, the amount of unintelligent organizations is very high. What are the four most important reasons that organizations can work much smarter? And what can you do if your organization isn’t intelligent enough yet? How can your organization become an industry leader? Our intelligent organization specialists are eager to tell you all about it. We have a blog, an extensive knowledge base, a selection of training courses, and you can also contact us for independent advice.

The 4 main causes of unintelligent organizations

  1. The all-round vision and strategy of the organization aren’t sharp or future-proof enough. They use vague language in business plans and non-sequiturs in meetings. It’s not surprising that in 74% of organizations, the strategy doesn’t penetrate the workplace at all. That results in lax attitudes, or the opposite: strong convictions about how to do or not do things and how to proceed.
  2. The organization doesn’t do enough with data. Its Business Analytics is lacking. Teams and managers lack daily and weekly insight about their customers and processes. They can’t effectively course-correct, further muddying the waters.
  3. The organization and its employees aren’t agile enough. Decision-making is sluggish, and there’s too much politics. The organization has calcified. It’s obvious that it’s not resilient, let alone decisive.
  4. The organization is far removed from a culture of daily learning and continuous improvement. So they can’t seize opportunities to innovate. They’re missing crucial opportunities and changes.

All this has fatal consequences. Dire financial results, dissatisfied customers, and employees who lack passion and joy in their work. The hardest aspect proves to be: making the relevant data available to the right decision-makers at the right time, and having them use the information in such a way that they can make better choices together.

Fortunately, there’s a better way

We’re here to convince you that your organization can also become more intelligent. There’s always room for improvement in efficiency, decisiveness, insight, and especially profitability. Our model for intelligent organizations is the result of years of thorough research and many best practices.

The intelligent organization concept

Our proven concept: the intelligent organization

The intelligent organization is a proven, pragmatic management philosophy. It’s detailed in our book, The Intelligent Organization (3rd Edition). An intelligent organization is sensitive, fast, smart, innovative, and agile. This allows them to achieve their desired results in many areas much more easily.

The 4 central pillars of intelligent organizations

The mix of ingredients in an intelligent organization is as expansive as management is multi-faceted. But if you keep the following 4 pillars in mind, you can certainly make strides towards improvement. Focusing on implementing these pillars will make your organization immediately more intelligent. Each pillar lists some questions you can use to test your organization.

1. All-round vision: sensitive & strategic

  • Does your organization have an all-round vision and a crystal-clear strategy?
  • Is management aware of what’s happening in its environment, the competition, society, and the workplace?
  • Do they make decisions in line with the strategy, and is there alignment between various departments and teams?
  • Do they consistently look at the key performance indicators, and do they analyze the performance-driving forces behind it?

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2. Analytics & BI: smart & systematic

  • How is your company’s analytical capacity? How far and deep does it go?
  • Does your organization combine (big) data from various structured and unstructured sources? Are managers and business analysts consistently analyzing it?
  • Do they also synthesize the various insights generated by this analysis?
  • Does management know which information can help give insight into where and how there is room for improvement?

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3. Agile working: quick and flexible

  • Is your organization agile? Do they abide by the principles of agile working?
  • Can self-steering teams make decisions, and does the organization react to changing markets in a timely fashion?
  • Can your organization develop new products and services quickly (scrum) and release them in a polished state?
  • Can the organization respond quickly when a new competitor tries to come at its cash cow?

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4. Continuous improvement & innovation

  • Is continuous improvement on the agenda every single day?
  • Is giving feedback part of your company culture?
  • Does the organization have quality control embedded in its DNA?
  • Is management information aimed at analyzing the why?
  • Are KPIs aligned with goals and the mission?

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The I/O concept works in all industries

We have over 15 years of experience in realizing intelligent organizations in various industries. Using a myriad solutions, we can quickly help your organization become more intelligent and achieve higher returns. Of course, we work on a step-by-step, practical basis, because we know how to achieve results.

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