Rick van der Linden

Rick van der Linden studied Industrial Engineering at the University of Twente and has nearly 15 years of experience in implementing business intelligence.

Sales reporting

Rick van der Linden, senior BI-consultant

In 2000, Rick started at Compaq Computers as functional manager CRM. At Compaq Computers he conducted various activities, including managing the business intelligence environment, taking care of the sales funnel reporting and sales compensation reports.

In 2004 he got to work at Universal Music Netherlands. Here, he implemented Business Objects, providing control information to the organization. By steering on hard numbers, Universal Music’s market share expanded considerably in the following years.

Freelance specialist

In 2006 he started as a freelance Business Objects specialist and has worked for (among others) Nationale Nederlanden (insurance), De Nederlandsche Bank, and from 2007 to 2012 at Dunea (formerly Duinwaterbedrijf Zuid Holland), a utilities provider. Here, again, he was given the opportunity to work in a business intelligence environment, to professionalize it and increase returns. This led, among other things, to savings of approximately four FTEs in the finance department.


Business Intelligence framework
✓ Business Intelligence engagement
✓ User stories / business analysis

In 2013, Rick joined the Passionned Group, with his mission: to help BI departments to make the transition from reports factory to internal consultancy. The main guiding principle here is the philosophy of “The Intelligent Organization“. Success is indispensable for a BI department to be taken seriously. Like no other, Rick van der Linden sees the opportunities to increase the return on business intelligence. The critical success factors: building bridges between BI and the business, thorough information analysis and precise execution.

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