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Leo KerklaanLeo Kerklaan (1948) has many years of experience as a management consultant and has been an associate partner at Passionned Group since 2012. After studying Dutch law at the University of Amsterdam he spent 15 years as a manager, initially at Postbank and later at Fokker Aircraft BV. In 1988 he became a partner / associate of Holland Consulting Group.

Strategic performance and quality

In his advisory work Leo Kerklaan focuses on performance management, dashboards, and strategy implementations. He helps managers to achieve specific quality and performance levels that are related to the long-term goals of the organization. He has developed special workshops for management teams for this purpose, especially for organizations in the professional services. He regularly advises companies on their business model and on making strategic choices and the translation of those choices to reality.

Book: “The Organization’s Cockpit”

Organizations that perform well always try to break through their existing performance levels. Experience shows the need for a scorecard or a good ‘performance dashboard’. Leo Kerklaan has developed such a solution, called the Organizational Cockpit. This method has in the past decade been successfully applied by commercial companies and nonprofit organizations. The explanation lies in its simplicity.

The method is described in the book “The Organization’s Cockpit”. Several editions have been published, covering the experiences of Leo Kerklaan and his clients.

Other consultancy services

Leo also advises on strategy, its execution, and its monitoring, by using dashboards, among other methods. Often, this advice is preceded by a broad organizational audit, or just a targeted scan in the field of performance management, strategic management, and process management.


Leo has numerous lectureships. For the Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden (NHL) he gives lectures in Strategic Management and Innovation. He gives lectures on Operations Management for the MBA Business School Dutch (BSN), Performance Management for MBA-Lim A Po Institute in Paramaribo, and lectures for the Masters in Management Consulting (EUR).

He also provides training for managers from developing countries for the Maastricht School of Management (MSM). He gave regular lectures in Yemen, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Suriname. In addition, on more occasional basis he contributes to business administration courses.


Leo Kerklaan is co-founder of the Dutch Association of Quality Management. He is part of the jury that awards the annual National Business Intelligence Awards, an award for ‘the smartest organization in the Netherlands’. Leo is a member of the Council of Appeals of the Council for the Accreditation and co-founder of the foundation Certiked, certification institute for knowledge intensive services. In addition, Leo sits on the editorial board of Sigma magazine for excellent business and is editor of the section ‘performance management’ of the digital magazine M@n@gement.

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