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Strong customer-focused attitude

Eric van der SteenEric van der Steen studied Business Economics at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, with Business Psychology and Commercial Policy as electives. Through internships at two executive search agencies he first came into contact with the consultancy field. This is where he established the foundation for a strongly customer-focused attitude.

This was also when he first recognized the importance of smart systems to support decision-making. He built a database to speed up and streamline the process of searching for suitable candidates together with a colleague. Since 2018, Eric has been a senior content engineer at Passionned Group.

New opportunities

After his sojourn in the executive search world, Eric built up a new career in the publishing and media industry, where he spent almost sixteen years at various companies and in various positions. Within Wolters-Kluwer, he oversaw the foundation of several trend-setting handbooks, newsletters, and magazines.

At the time, the traditional publishing world was struggling the the transition from print to digital. Eric started some of the first digital newsletters. Cross-selling, synergy, parallel use and reuse of information, including storing data in media-neutral SGML and XML formats, were relevant topics that Eric worked with.

Silicon Valley: the place to be

Looking for the human touch, Eric ended up leaving the massive, publicly traded Wolters-Kluwer, and with it the editorial board of Controlling Magazine. He then worked as editor-in-chief at various smaller publishers, where he took charge of smaller editorial boards. At the IT-specialized Array Publications he was responsible for the trade magazines Telecommagazine and Storage Magazine, among other things. He regularly flew down to Silicon Valley to monitor start-ups and report on congresses. Building and maintaining networks was a crucial part of this.

Minimum budget, maximum results

Content is king. Whether it’s cover interviews, blogs, tweets, columns, whitepapers, or advertorials, Eric always puts the content first. Delivering the right content at the right time to the right people is what he thrives on. With a minimal budget he can achieve maximal results within a B2B environment. Eric has achieved tangible results in both financial and IT journalism.


Although independence and reliability are always high priorities, Eric has also learned to spot commercial opportunities and innovations within the communication and advice branch, including new business and revenue models. A successful content strategy proactively targets what people are thinking about.

Content is King

Content may be king, but context is queen. Eric has a good sense for relational management and the issues that play both within and without the boardroom. Eric grew up in the time that 28.8k modems, linear TV, and Teletext were hip, but he wasted no time in joining Netflix generation and the so-called Terabyte kids. Eric can quickly pick up on relevant trends such as cyber security, artificial intelligence, and blockchain. He knows how to translate these concepts and make them concrete to various target audiences.

Building reliable brands

“In God we trust, all others bring data,” William Edwards Deming once said. It’s a great pleasure to contribute to building the Passionned brand as a content engineer, using a data-driven strategy. Together with colleagues, friends, followers, and fans, we’re building reliable, relevant, and emotionally charged B2B brands: hard work, but a lot of fun.

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