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Passionned Group is a leading analyst and consultancy firm specialized in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence. Our passionate advisors assist many organizations in selecting the best Business Analytics Software and applications. Every two years we organize the election of the smartest company.

Nico de Jonge is a Business Consultant at ABN AMRO Lease. At the end of 2013, he attended the two-day Passionned Business Intelligence training course. “In my job I have to work with financial data a lot,” he says. “I wanted to know for myself what is currently happening in the world of Business Intelligence and what is for sale. I was looking for some theoretical basis, but with a practical approach. Moreover, attending a two-day training course offers the opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues from other companies.”

ABN Amro Lease took the Passionned Group Business Intelligence training course.

The ability to put knowledge into practice immediately

It had been some time since Nico de Jonge had attended a training session or course in the field of Business Intelligence. He found the training course very useful. “It really refreshed my knowledge. And I was able to put my newly gained knowledge into practice immediately. We have developed a dashboard at ABN AMRO Lease on which the status of our KPIs is displayed graphically and we can delve deep into the underlying figures with a ‘drill down’ function. It is a very nice addition to our existing business portal.”

The dashboard was created in a reasonably short time and was operational before the end of 2013.

Learned a lot about how to work together with IT

“During the training I learned a lot about the way in which you can best work together with the IT department as a Business Consultant. We have initiated fortnightly meetings to discuss the available systems with each other, both from the user and from the technology perspective. Previously it was more ad hoc: there was a problem and then you sat down with an IT colleague behind a screen to resolve it. Now it is structured and we keep track of everything that is being agreed. All very pragmatic, because it is not a social club. It is really paying off. To give an example: the IT colleagues are no longer only confronted with problems, but are also made part of the successes. That motivates them enormously: they are now actively identifying possibilities and opportunities which they are presenting to us.”

What Nico de Jonge also came to realize during the Business Intelligence training, is the importance of good data. The Big Data phenomenon also plays a role here. “I have seen what the added value can be for the organization and what the risks are if you do not manage with good data that has been filtered and cleaned. I now see more possibilities for using data, combining different files and analyzing them.”

Information with which we can really support the business

He does note however, that the priority is for real management information, although it is attractive to make nice graphs of all kinds of data. “With the latter, we are selective. You should not present all kinds of data because it is technically possible and because you have so much data. At ABN AMRO Lease we look carefully at the priorities, for information with which we can support the business really well. And in this day and age it’s like this: what are the benefits, what does a customer mean for us, what does a deal yield? We focus on these components of our profitability – in addition to the costs of course. That suits the times we live.”

Definitely recommended…

“I would definitely recommend Business Consultants in all industries to take the Business Intelligence training at Passionned Group,” concludes Nico de Jonge of ABN AMRO Lease. “I found it very successful.”

Are you interested in this training? Please feel free to contact us for more information about the Business Intelligence training or register immediately with the registration form.

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