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Flexible data integration

Sagent Data Flow is a powerful and flexible integration engine that brings together data from disparate sources into a single view where a comprehensive set of data transformation tools can merge and cleanse the data to enhance its business value. Once data is transformed, Sagent Data Flow provides a variety of tools for analyzing the information and creating meaningful reports for a better understanding of your business. Sagent Data Flow is a single data integration platform for customer profiling, data warehousing, ETL and business intelligence (BI) – leveraging real data to make better and smarter decisions.

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Which features does Sagent Data Flow support?

If you want to know how Sagent Data Flow scores on different key selection criteria and exactly which capabilities it has. We did all the work for you. Vendors will often tell you only the benefits of their software. In our vendor independent study, all the features are revealed, including the weak points. Why buy our 100% vendor independent survey?

Information from the vendor

64-bit architecture

Having a 64-bit architecture Sagent Data Flow realizes excellent scalability and high-performance ETL computing. It also supports many concurrent users for faster processing and it can therefor process larger data loads (big data).

What you see is what you get

Sagent Data Flow provides a powerful graphical user interface that helps both technical and business users to speed up and simplify the design of advanced transformations. Sagent Data Flow’s new and improved interface is easy to learn and easy to use (very fast learning curve) so end users can master solutions more quickly than other Business Intelligence tools. Users are at design time able to see directly the result of the process flow (What You See Is What You Get).

It supports many data formats to realize higher efficiency

Available modules within the Sagent ETL software include Mainframe iSeries connectivity and ready to use SAP connectors. Sagent Data Flow is able to connect natively to all the relational database management systems such as DB2, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server as well as most major text-based data formats including Excel, CSV and XML. There is no need anymore to write custom data extraction procedures / programs..

“Originally a data conversion tool”

Rick van der Linden, senior analyst and author of the ETL Tools & Data Integration Survey said about Sagent Data Flow: “Originally a data conversion tool can be used for developers who have limited technical skills and knowledge.” Find out more and order now the ETL Tools & Data Integration Survey 2018.

100% vendor independent research

In the ETL Tools & Data Integration Survey 2018 you’ll find the list of ETL tools in the market, including for each ETL platform an expert review, many comparison graphs and a comparison matrix. And a thorough 100% vendor independent evaluation of Sagent Data Flow and all the major ETL platforms with all their details.

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