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Disrupt data management

QlikView Expressor is (integrated now in Qlik) metadata management “the Qlik way” — a disruptive approach to data management. It is simple and descriptive, not complex and prescriptive. Consistently capture and manage metadata as you build analytic apps, rather than be locked into a semantic layer up front. Qlik is redefining metadata management and ETL software just as it redefined business intelligence.

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Which features does QlikView Expressor support?

If you want to know how QlikView Expressor scores on different key selection criteria and exactly which functionality it provides. We did all the work for you. Vendors will often tell you only the strengths of their solution(s). In our vendor neutral survey, all the features are revealed, including the weak points. Why buy our 100% vendor independent survey?

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  1. Can a data-source be read once and written to two or more different target tables/databases? Yes – copy operator.
  2. As above, but then conditional on a field value e.g. Revenue > 1000 write to table 1 otherwise write to table 2? Yes – Filter Operator
  3. Can the rows from two different tables with the same structure be written to one table? Yes – Funnel Operator
  4. Is it possible to write non-normalized data structured in columns to rows? Yes – Pivot Column Operator
  5. Is it possible to write non-normalized data structured in rows to columns? Yes – Pivot Rows Operator
  6. Is it possible to load a full table in memory and run queries on it (without joining)? Yes
  7. Is it possible to read non-structured data e.g. text or email? Yes
  8. If non-structured data can be read – which types? ASCII Text – using expressor’s powerful pattern matching and parsing capabilities, unstructured data can be processed as long as it has been converted to ASCII
  9. Are key lookups reusable across different processes, i.e. The table is loaded once and is reusable? Yes
  10. Are slowly changing dimensions supported (bh = by hand; wizard = wizard; auto = out-of-the-box) by hand
  11. Is there an ability to schedule jobs based on interdependencies? Yes – requires 3rd party scheduler
  12. Can the route taken by following jobs be based on errors detected in the preceding job? Yes – using Datascript
  13. Is impact analysis possible for a proposed change to the database? More detailed IA reporting is on the Roadmap for later this year. There is some light search capability across the artifacts.
  14. Is it possible to trace the source of an attribute/data element quickly? (reversed impact analysis- data lineage) Data lineage is on the roadmap for later this year.
  15. Is it possible to publish/document a given process/transformation and navigate through it with a browser or word processor? Technically yes, they are stored as XML documents
  16. Is it possible to use the results of a data mining process within a given load process? As long as the results are in an expressor supported format
  17. Is it possible to call analytical functions e.g. forecasting, basket analysis, regression from within the load process? If the Datascript library supports those functions – yes. If not they can be created or user defined.

Source: qlik.com.

They score not very well on connectivity

Rick van der Linden, senior analyst and author of the ETL Tools & Data Integration Survey said about QlikView Expressor: “This is an ETL solution which shouldn’t be used at an enterprise level, they score not very well on architecture, connectivity and infrastructure support.” Find out more and order now the ETL Tools & Data Integration Survey 2018.

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In the ETL Tools & Data Integration Survey 2018 you’ll find the list of ETL tools in the market, including for each data integration platform an expert review, many comparison graphs and a comparison matrix with all the features. And a thorough 100% vendor independent evaluation of QlikView Expressor and all the other major data integration tools.

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