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IBM Information Server (Ascential DataStage)

IBM Information server (Ascential DataStage)IBM InfoSphere Information Server is a market-leading data integration platform that helps you understand, cleanse, transform and deliver trusted information to your critical business initiatives such as business analytics, data warehousing, master data management, and application consolidation/migration.

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Which features does IBM Information Server support?

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Information from the vendor

Base architecture

InfoSphere Information Server allows customers to configure a flexible architecture to meet their specific performance and resiliency needs. The three tier architecture can be installed on one server (for those customers who wish to treat the software as a single unit) or discretely (for customers who wish to deploy into their dbms or app server farms). Supported topologies and best practice material are both made publically available. For engine processing, processing is fully distributed.

Symmetric Multiprocessing

InfoSphere Information Server is built on a highly scalable software architecture that delivers high levels of throughput & performance. IIS parallel engine supports data partitioning and data pipelining for near-linear scalability across SMP, MPP and Grid architectures

Data Quality

Information Server includes market leading data quality features to check the quality of data, standardize data formats and values, match related records through probabilistic / fuzzy logic, and validate and certify addresses. External products can also be used. InfoSphere Information Server can be extended to handle the global postal requirements of over 240 countries’ reference data. This includes territory and street-level verification as well as postal certifications.

Are components reusable?

All components are reusable, including but are not limited to the following objects: data connections, job parameter sets, shared containers and integration logic. Job properties are parameterized so they can be customized at runtime. This includes a feature called the “Dynamic Relational Stage” which allows even the database type (DB2, Oracle / OBIEE, ODBC, etc.) to be customized at runtime.

How easy is the product to use?

The product is very easily learned and used on a daily basis. IIS helps developers diagram the flow of data via simple, GUI-driven, drag-and-drop design components. The operation console gives a web-based view of all job activity. User can also build their own alerts and SLA monitors


“IBM Information Server is an excellent ETL tool”

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