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Discover the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence for your organization in our 1-day AI training course.

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Artificial Intelligence training for managers

This one-day (in-company) interactive AI training course will teach directors, advisors, and managers, how to apply Artificial Intelligence in their organizations. Artificial Intelligence has been making a lot of headlines, and with good reason. The fourth industrial revolution is in full swing, and organizations that don’t leverage the opportunities presented by AI, algorithms, and the Internet of Things risk being left behind. However, these opportunities also come with a lot of risks attached.

Once you start working with AI, you’ll quickly stumble on to some important issues and dilemmas:

  • What is Artificial Intelligence, what does the theoretical framework look like, and how can you find and make the business case for your organization? What are the best practices and which organizations are already¬†successfully using AI?
  • How does AI relate to the digital transformation, robotics, drones, photography as a new universal language, and blockchain? Which stakeholders should you involve in the AI process?
  • What does the AI process look like, and what steps should you take to successfully put algorithms to use?
  • What are the most important pitfalls and risks that should be taken into account in AI projects?
  • Which rules and regulations (GDPR, for example) will you have to deal with when applying algorithms, and what’s the best way to handle them?
  • What are the ethics around Big Data processing? Will there be an algorithm watchdog, and if so, how can you prepare for it?
  • What kind of team do you need, and what are the required competencies, skills, and knowledge levels of the various team roles?
  • What IT infrastructure do you need to successfully implement AI?

If you have one or more of these questions, our 1-day Artificial Intelligence training is an absolute must.

AI masterclass: make the right moves

Teacher Daan van Beek, keynote speaker and international Artificial Intelligence trainer and author of management book Data Science for Decision-Makers & Data Professionals, will guide you through every facet of machine learning, algorithms, and AI. He’ll prepare managers, project leaders, and directors to strategically lead AI projects in the organization. Previous participants of this compact AI training course successfully implemented artificial intelligence in their own organizations.

Make algorithms work with this in-company AI training

This AI training will provide depth, context, and support for the algorithm-ization of society, the business world, and public spaces. Various international and intranational think tanks all agree that the correct use of algorithms can make the difference between growth and stagnation, or even regression. For convenience’s sake, we won’t go into the (digital) disruption shaking up entire sectors, for the moment. This is partly because algorithms can learn more in 5 minutes than people can in five thousand years. The idea doesn’t determine the data anymore, the data determines the idea. In short: this AI training course is meant for those who feel the necessity of implementing AI in their organizations, and who want to learn from all the best practices in the field.

The program of the AI in one day training course

This AI training course consists of two parts. In the morning, we’ll take you through the framework and definitions of artificial intelligence, machine learning, data-driven working, and more. We’ll discuss best practices and all the pros and cons of AI. In the afternoon, you’ll put your newfound knowledge to practical use by formulating a business case. We’ll also cover the ethics, regulations, and success factors of artificial intelligence.

Part 1: Inspiration, AI framework, best practices, business case methods, and the AI process

In the morning, we’ll cover the definitions and frameworks of AI, machine learning, and data-driven working, and discuss various best practices. The teacher will inspire the students and discuss all the positive and negative aspects of Artificial Intelligence.

  • Frameworks and the essence of AI: In order to understand each other, we need to be on the same page when it comes to terminology, definitions, frameworks, and the essence of AI: “thoughtful discrimination”. How does the term “AI” relate to machine learning, Business Analytics, Data Discovery, algorithms, data mining, digital transformation, et cetera? Without a shared framework, the AI project is doomed to fail from the start.
  • AI training part 1The business case for AI: Which methods can you use to make the business case for AI in your organization? What best practices can you learn from? We’ll take a closer look at International Bike Group, Predictive Policing, Netflix, and International Card Services (ICS). How do you describe the business case, and which elements are important to make the case?
  • The AI process and various types of algorithms: deep learning, machine learning, neural networks, business rules, et cetera. What does a robust AI process look like (in 8 logical steps, based on the Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining) and how can you experiment with AI? What kind of sandbox do you need? How can management trust that the algorithm works correctly and doesn’t contain any biases?

Part 2: Workshop business case, ethics & algorithms, relevant regulations & AI success factors

In the afternoon, we’ll start working with the theoretical frameworks and inspiring stories from the morning program. The largest part of the afternoon will be devoted to putting together a business and and finding applications for AI in your organization. We’ll consider the ethics and (future) legislation that affects AI. The day will be closed out with a discussion of the most important risks and success factors of AI, Big Data, and data-driven working.

  • Workshop Business Case: find the right (disruptive) applications for AI in your organization. In groups, consider which potential applications you can find for AI and develop them. During this interactive workshop you’ll define the business case and consider the impact for your customers, your profitability, and your employees. Present your AI applications to the group and get direct feedback, led by the instructor.
  • AI training part 2Ethics and legislation: the teacher will guide you through the increasingly complex regulations and legislation. We’ll discuss the most important legislative and ethical frameworks, which you’ll have to deal with sooner or later. Naturally, we’ll discuss GDPR, but the ethical side will also be discussed extensively: labor, job opportunities and the loss thereof, purpose and meaning, explainability, etc.
  • Risks and success factors: The last part of the intensive AI training course will cover the most important risks of algorithms, based on the teacher’s years of experience working with AI. But we’ll also cover the most essential success factors, so that you’ll know how to guide your AI ship to safe haven.

Interactive high-level Artificial Intelligence workshop

During this compact AI training course, there will be group discussions and group work while you work on practical assignments and formulating the business case for your organization. The course is an ideal combination of learning and doing. Upon completing this AI training course, participants will receive a certificate and a signed copy of the book Data Science for Decision-Makers & Data Professionals.

Target audience for the training course “AI in 1 day”

Managers, directors, IT managers, BI managers, controllers, direction advisors, and innovation managers. And anyone with managerial responsibilities who wants to implement AI successfully. When you attend this in-company training course with a group of colleagues, you can make a rolling start with AI in your organization.

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