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Unique 3-day Process Mining training course with theoretical knowledge, case studies, and practical assignments.

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Unique Process Mining training: discover, conform, and improve

This 3-day Process Mining training will teach you about all the possibilities and the power of Process Mining software and give you hands-on experience. You’ll learn about every aspect related to process mining, from process analysis, discovery, improvement, and conforming, to perfecting processes.

  • Do you keep running into operational bottlenecks and do you want to discover how business processes really work?
  • Do you wonder what Process Mining is, and which basic techniques you can use to make interesting discoveries?
  • Are you curious about the relationship between operational processes and systems (for example ERP, CRM, et cetera) and Process Mining?
  • Are you looking for facts instead of blindly trusting in (quality) manuals, procedures, and so on?
  • Do you want to learn how the build a new model based on Process Mining and an event log in 13 steps?
  • Are you curious about the underlying causes of failing processes and people’s motivations?
  • Do you want to learn how to use Big Data Analytics to reveal the most valuable insights and hidden patterns in processes?
  • Do you have affinity and experience with IT, are you analytical, and do you want to exercise more control?

If you can answer yes to several of the above questions, the Process Mining training is for you. Our 3-day Process Mining workshop is the first step towards a more “process-intelligent”, data-driven organization. The Process Mining training is hands-on and very practical, with several learning goals.

Learning goals Process Mining training

Dive deep into Process Mining with our 3-day Process Mining training. Based on several exercises, go through the 13-step Process Mining plan. Learn how to use three supporting concepts to start implementing Process Mining in your organization. You’ll also learn how to avoid the most important pitfalls. Experience how to use a Process Mining tool and how to make practical process analyses from multiple angles. We’ll answer the following questions for you:

  • How to identify process problems.
  • How to gather reliable, meaningful process data.
  • How to master all the functions of Process Mining tools.
  • How to organize a process improvement cycle.
  • How to ensure commitment and support within the organization.
  • How to determine which Process Mining software suits my organization.

All variants of Process Mining covered

There are three basic variants of Process Mining: discovery, conforming, and improving. There are also three types of analyses: reliability, efficiency, and compliance analyses. All three types of Process Mining variants and analyses are covered during this three-day Process Mining workshop.

Process Mining training: hands-on and practical

Process Mining is a specialist field and this Process Mining training course will help you master it. On the one hand it demands knowledge and experience with business processes, process analyses techniques, and compliance. On the other hand, it also demands concrete skills in generating, understanding, validating, and analyzing process data and applying Process Mining tools. Our Process Mining training is practical and hands-on, but it will also cover the important concepts necessary to let Process Mining grow in your organization. Accelerate and enrich your learning experience, gain experience, and make a head start in this relatively young field.

What will you work towards in our Process Mining training?

Over the course of three intensive days, all the Process Mining elements, methods, and techniques required for successful Process Mining will be covered. We’ve selected three mining cases, where you’ll work with the three forms of Process Mining (discovery, checking, and improving). People who have completed our three-day Process Mining training course will be to able to independently go through the steps. They’ll also be able to clearly explain the principles of Process Mining on different levels of the organization.

Program of the Process Mining training course

This practical Process Mining training will provide you with the relevant and immediately applicable knowledge you’ll need to successfully implement Process Mining. Over the course of three days, you’ll practice using various Process Mining techniques that you can then immediately implement in your own organization.

Day 1: Introduction to Process Mining, the 13 step plan, practice assignments, problem analysis - Case 1: conforming

During day 1 of the Process Mining training course, you will explore the phenomenon of Process Mining along with the other trainees. The instructor will start with a brief introduction, covering the question of what is Process Mining and how does it work.

  • Introduction to the field: what is Process Mining, and how and when do you apply it? What variants of Process Mining exist? How do Process Mining tools work, and which functionalities do these tools have? What is the relationship between Process Mining, data-driven working, BI, and data mining? What is an event log? The trainer will guide you through the world of Process Mining, explaining all the relevant terminology, so that you can place it in the proper context.
  • The 13-step Process Mining plan: which steps can you take in Process Mining, and how? We’ll cover a step-by-step plan that consists of three phases: a viability analysis, the data analysis, and the mining phase. You’ll apply the 13 steps to a practical case study: the claim handling process of a health insurance agency.
  • Independent assignment (case 1): during this step you’ll get your hands on the tools. First, you’ll practice using software by the market leader in Process Mining. You’ll get multiple assignments and get hands-on experience using Process Mining tools. You’ll work with a concrete event log containing operational process data about invoice handling.
  • Problem analysis: how do you formulate a clear problem analysis, and what different kinds of process problems are there? What’s the role of the problem owner? How can you determine whether or not the required process data is present in the information systems? What’s the most effective and efficient route to go from having identified a process problem to a mined event log? The next step is formulating recommendations and improvement actions.

Day 2: Discussing day 1 case, tools market overview, event log models, process analysis - Case 2: improving

Day 2 of this Process Mining training course starts with discussing the results of case 1. Next, the trainer will present an overview of the Process Mining tools market, the most essential functionalities of those tools, and you’ll work on a process mining case for a car manufacturer. That will cover most of the day.

  • Discussing day 1 case: the participants will present the results of the practice assignments and the previous day’s case to the instructor. The instructor will provide further explanations, tips, and recommendations.
  • Overview of the tools market: which process mining tools are available and what are their strengths and weaknesses? The instructor will cover the functionality and the required software environment of these tools: ease of use, intuitiveness, visualization, collaboration, speed, price, access, personalization, et cetera. The instructor will also explain how to separate the wheat from the chaff. To what extent can open source software be recommended? Are commercial tools preferable? The result is a comparative research report of Process Mining tools which you can use to put together a shortlist of tools.
  • Independent assignment: how do you build a Process Mining analysis for the purchasing process of a car manufacturer? You’ll go through the 13-step plan again: a problem analysis, cordoning off the process and system domain where the problem arises, and setting up an event log model. Next, you’ll use the filled event log to mine the data. The focus in this case is on improving the analyzed process.

Day 3: Discuss previous day's case, Process Governance, Maturity, Excellence Centers & success factors - Case 3: discovery

Day 3 is dedicated to integrating what we’ve learned into our own working environment. First, we’ll cover the outcomes of the mining analysis of the car manufacturer’s purchasing process. In three separate parts, the trainer will cover embedded Process Mining in your own organization. You’ll also perform a third Process Mining analysis, which will take up a solid portion of the day. The instructor will close out the day by discussing the pitfalls and success factors.

  • Discussing previous day’s case: the participants will present their process analysis of the previous day to the group and the instructor. The instructor will give more tips, explanations, and recommendations.
  • Process Governance: what is Process Governance and what is the relationship between IT Governance, Data Governance, and Process Governance? How can you set up and implement Process Governance? The instructor will also delineate the various tasks, responsibilities, and roles.
  • Process Maturity: what is a Process Maturity model? What are the hallmarks of the various phases of both a Process Maturity and a Process Mining Maturity model? How can you test the maturity level of Process Mining based on the quality of the event logs? How can you set up a maturity model based on the four stages of BI maturity?
  • Independent assignment: you’ll perform the third Process Mining case under the instructor’s guidance. This case is focused on discovering deviations in the actual process as-is compared to the desired process.
  • Process Excellence Center: what is a Process Excellence Center (PEC) and how do you design one? How can you ensure that the PEC team collects all the relevant, up-to data knowledge, insights, best practices, and Process Mining applications and shared them with the organization?
  • The pitfalls and success factors of Process Mining: the instructor will close out the day with the top 10 pitfalls of Process Mining, while shining a light on the key success factors.

The goal of this Process Mining training course is that by the end of day 3, you will have enough experience, knowledge, and insight to apply what you’ve learned in your own organization.

Process Mining in the data-driven working framework

Process Mining is not an end unto itself, but fits within a larger framework. That’s why the instructor will also cover the context in which Process Mining finds itself: striving for data-driven process management as a part of being a data-driven organization. To that end, the instructor will also cover the relationship between Process Mining and organizational KPIs, dashboarding, and Business Intelligence.

Learn from success stories in our Process Mining training course

Our three-day Process Mining training course is filled with practical assignments and exercises. You’ll also work with realistic cases and event log data from actual companies. The first success stories of this relatively new field will also be extensively discussed. Participants will also gain deep insight into the theoretical underpinnings of the concept.

The ideal combination of learning and doing

Every day of the course features group discussions and working on cases and assignments individually or in small groups. The assignments will be evaluated with the class, for maximum learning effect. After the successful completion of the Process Mining training course, participants will receive a certificate.

Who is this Process Mining masterclass for?

This course is for anyone already involved in Process Mining or interest in it – anyone who wants to explore and master all the possibilities offered by Process Mining. The workshop provides a low barrier to entry to a new and promising field. Thanks to the practical and applicable knowledge, you can take a leading role in your organization. In time, you can become a thought leader when it comes to Process Mining.

This Process Mining training course is especially relevant to business analysts, process owners, process managers, and process analysts and consultants. Data officers, data analysts, data scientists, information or systems analysts can also update their IT knowledge and skills with this workshop.

Develop your analytical talents and become a Process Mining expert

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