Make your company smarter with a management masterclass

Passionned Academy’s management masterclasses enable any manager to improve themselves and the quality of their management skills. Moreover, our practical training courses give you all the tools you need to make your organization intelligent. Our broad array of management workshop will give you a big boost, personally and professionally.

Complete offering of management training courses

Our complete offering of masterclasses is tuned to the reality of many managers who want to take the next step in their career. Lean how to work smarter and continuously improve the organization faster. We cover every relevant topic, and you’ll also delve into the challenging field of change management. Do you want to take one of our management training courses? Our teachers will introduce you to better and smarter management.

Customer testimonial

“A highly effective management training course. The team gave valuable feedback during the debriefing. My people are already displaying different behavior. They treat each other differently, pinpoint improvements more concretely and try to quantify them immediately.”

Dirk Schaele
Director Operations
Lapperre Hearing Systems

Theoretical frameworks with practical contents

The theoretical framework underpinning our management masterclasses are solid as can be. We base our work exclusively on research that has been validated and proven in the real world. Practice, case studies, and interaction create an ideal mix between learning and doing, theory and practice. Learning from each other is an important element in our management training courses.

Quality is what counts in our management masterclasses

Our proven management training courses are updated every year using the latest developments in the management field. Quality is the highest priority for us. Every management training course is evaluated after the fact by the participants and the teacher. The average score of our masterclasses is a 9 or higher.

Advantages of our training courses and workshops:

✓ Scientific framework & highly practical content
✓ Experienced teachers with a mind for change management
✓ Management training courses for a smarter organization
✓ Average rating is excellent

All our training courses are available in-company

All of our training courses and masterclasses are available as in-company courses. We can visit your offices or on location, foreign or domestic, depending on your goals and wants. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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