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This practical Lean training will introduce you to the most important Lean concepts: 100% Customer-focused, 100% data-driven, and 100% results-oriented.

Lean training: improving processes & behavior from the customer’s perspective

Our 3-day Lean training offers a comprehensive approach to making the necessary changes in your organization. Many Lean tracks fail to reach the desired results because they lack a comprehensive, holistic approach. Why do so many Lean projects fail?

  • They stall early. After achieving some quick wins, they lose focus.
  • The improvement teams fall afoul of organizational hierarchy.
  • Employees lack trust or fear for their jobs.
  • Employees might find it difficult to break existing patterns.

In short: many factors can get in the way of successful Lean working. This Lean training course will teach you how to handle these challenges.

How do you overcome Lean challenges?

Lean management can shake up an organization, there’s a lot involved. It’s a way of thinking that requires a lot of convincing, communication, and human insight. It’s not easy to achieve actual results, because:

  • What kind of situations allow for Lean method, and which ones don’t?
  • How do you get all hands on deck for a Lean track, and how do you make the business case?
  • Which project approach enables you to take the right steps and work around the Lean pitfalls?
  • How should you deal with mistrust and resistance among employees and managers?
  • How do you deal with the various perceptions on the concept of customer value?
  • Which organizational conditions play a decisive role?
  • How do you ensure that you have the right data and KPIs, and what’s involved to get them?
  • How to keep track of the bigger picture: the pivot to an intelligent organization?

If you see yourself in one or more of these challenges, we strongly recommend taking our 3-day Lean training course. In the same stroke, you’ll benefit from a Green Belt Lean certification.

Customer Experience

“The instructors of the Passionned Group have a wealth of experience and share it with the participants with a great deal of enthusiasm.”

André Drenth
Municipality of Almere

Lean training: discover autopilot

Many internal processes run on autopilot, without looking at the customer or the data. But the discovery of the autopilot, the data-driven course-correction and redesigning of the processes is a crucial component of our Lean training and approach. An improvement track without applying Lean concepts is unlikely to lead to positive results.

What can you expect from this Lean training?

This practical Lean training will introduce you to the most important Lean concepts. You’ll become acquainted with the the most effective ways to successfully implement Lean Management. Lean expert dr. Louis Brackel RC will guide you through the world of data-driven Lean, PDCA, KPIs, customer-focused thinking, and effective behavior. You’ll become acquainted with the most important concepts and everything involved in successfully applying them. After completing this training you’ll be a certified Lean Green Belt.

Which steps should you take for a Lean organization?

  1. Specify, in specific terms, the benefit of your product to the customer.
  2. Name and describe every activity in your current process.
  3. Place only the activities that add benefits (to the customer) in a sequence.
  4. Put the customer behind the wheel, they trigger the process.
  5. Formulate a change plan, execute it, monitor, evaluate, and adjust (PDCA).

All of this should of course be data-driven wherever possible, so that facts guide decision-making instead of gut feelings or opinions. Employee input should drive these processes. Everything should be run by and for the workplace. Respecting people is priority number one.

Contents of the 3-day Lean training

This unique Lean training course consists of part theory, part practice. You’ll play the Lean Game, practice in groups, and take an exam at the end of the third day. At the end of the road, you’ll be a certified Green Belt. By doing, the theoretical knowledge you learn will come alive and stick in your mind. The Lean training will provide you with the handholds you need to develop further and tackle things like operational management, process thinking, the A3 method, working with data and KPIs, and change management.

Day 1: Lean, Lean Game, and Process theory

  • day 1Customer first: The customer comes first in everything you do in a Lean organization. This block focuses on the customer. How do you know when customers are satisfied, and how do you bring in new customers?
  • The Lean Game: The Lean Game is an important component of the Lean training. Playing this game will introduce you to Lean in a unique, playful way. By doing, you’ll gain insight into the various Lean tools and their use.
  • Visualizing process: In this module you’ll practice visualizing processes. This will make waste in processes visible, which can be a bit of a shock.

Day 2: Data-driven Lean, continuous improvement & KPIs

  • day 2Data-driven Lean: On day 2, you’ll become acquainted with the concepts and tools needed to select and gather the right data. Learn to link data and recognize the 8 wastes of Lean. Experience how Lean Analytics works and which pitfalls to avoid.
  • Data analysis and KPIs: Based on the data, you’ll experience what it is to interpret data together, to visualize it, and analyze it. Learn to recognize genuine KPIs and discuss the scores among yourselves. Based on underlying data and the KPIs, you’ll discuss the next steps. That’s how you implement improvements in your processes.
  • Continuous improvement & PDCA: Data-driven Lean in service to continuous improvement using a PDCA cycle. Learn how to make continuous improvement based on Lean & PDCA into a daily reality in your organization.

Day 3: Operational management, A3 thinking & change management

  • day 3Operational management: Here, we’ll answer the question why it’s important to make your planned goals and your actual results transparent. They have a positive effect on improving your results. Among other things, the structure and function of operational management is on the agenda.
  • A3 thinking: The A3 method is a powerful way to work on problems. It’s a disciplined method of problem-solving, so that the problems don’t come back.
  • Change management: The transition to a Lean organization requires change. Management and employees will have to be convinced of this. Attitude and behavior will be discussed, so that you become aware of the influence you have on the ongoing changes.
  • Green Belt certification: You’ll have to answer several written questions. This, along with an evaluation of your skills and insights performed by the Lean trainer, will lead to a final score and your certification.
  • Conclusion and evaluation

Learn to apply Lean with our training

Our effective Lean training will give (project) managers and advisors the tools they need to effectively implement changes in organizations. Our unique recipe allows this to do this unlike anyone else: customer-focused thinking + key performance indicators + Lean processes + self-steering teams + data-driven feedback = radical improvement. After this training, you’ll be well-equipped to lead a Lean track. You’ll be able to reduce most of the waste in your Lean processes. Not just the quality of your organization will improve. Your customers will be more satisfied and your financial results will improve.

What will you learn during the Lean training course?

Your customer-driven, data-driven, self-steering, and result-oriented competencies will improve. You’ll learn the importance of having a strong organizational course, the power of visual management and KPIs, and data analysis. But especially how you gain insight into the actual process flow of your company. And of course you’ll gain the means to improve these structurally.

You’ll also learn to detect strategic and operational problems via the A3 method. And you’ll learn to deal with these problems directly. The way in which people within the organization handle this is crucial to Lean success. We’ll cover that extensively during this training course.

Who is this Lean training for?

Our unique Lean training provides essential knowledge, tips, tricks, and methods for everyone involved with continuous improvement, quality management, business management, and process optimization. This training is often taken by business managers, team leaders, CIOs, IT managers, customer managers, information managers, BI managers, quality managers, Lean Consultants, project managers, and advisors. And everyone who wants to improve Lean and implement continuous improvement.

What are the benefits of our Lean training?

✓ You’ll get a comprehensive overview of the Lean organization and its key principles.
✓ Gain handholds for the transition into an intelligent Lean organization.
✓ Three days full of theory and practice will give you lots of energy and inspiration.
✓ Start applying your newfound knowledge immediately with your colleagues the next day.
✓ Green Belt certification upon completing this training.

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