Determine the right KPIs for your organization

As a manager, controller, or consultant you want to determine the right KPIs for your organization, and implement them as quickly as possible. To-the-point and without detours, this practical workshop covers every important aspect of genuine KPIs, ranging from definition to implementation and data visualization. Find the right KPIs and management insights needed to achieve continuous improvement and higher performance.

From output to process

KPIs (key performance indicators) are at the core of the intelligent organization and greatly affect your results. However, finding genuine KPIs is no easy task, as they are often “hidden” within the operational processes and your data.

What will you learn in this KPI workshop?

  1. How to identify the most critical success factors of your own organization / process.
  2. Four ways to find, define, and visualize KPIs in your own organization.
  3. How to apply the KPI method directly to your situation (practice).
  4. Three methods of generating insights with large and immediate financial value.
  5. Learn to recognize and avoid the 5 biggest pitfalls of KPIs.
  6. How you can continuously improve and innovate with KPIs (Data Science for Decision-Makers).

The contents of the KPI workshop

This practical and interactive workshop provides you with condensed, directly applicable knowledge to successfully define KPIs and implement them in your own organization. You will learn all the required skills and techniques to work with true KPIs. In one intensive day, the participants will be prepared for a leadership / advisory role in an KPI-improvement program:

1. Morning: KPIs, strategy, processes and million-dollar insights

09:00 Welcome, introduction session & expectations

09:15 Key Performance Indicators, theory and practice

  • Critical success factors (CSFs): What are they and how do you identify them in your business process and at the same time ensure their alignment with your objectives and business strategy? The success factors largely determine whether your organization can be successful. You’ll learn to look at your organization differently. The hierarchy shifts to the background and the really critical processes come to the fore.
  • The three main methods for determining KPIs: you gain insight into which three methods you can use to find KPIs and practice with them. 1. The vertical business-driven method uses policy and strategy as a starting point to discover indicators. 2. The horizontal business-driven method identifies the KPIs based on the roles, tasks, responsibilities and transfer points in the process. 3. The data-driven method gives you practical tools to find the so-called “golden nuggets” in your (big) data.
  • The million-dollar insights: What are they and how do you find them? Which three rules of thumb are you using? But above all, how can you capitalize on the million-dollar insights in your organization?
  • The KPI framework: With a list of KPIs and million-dollar insights you’re not quite there yet… effective KPI control takes a little bit more. We’ll cover the definitions, KPI analysis, data quality, and so on. You’ll internalize the complete KPI framework.

12:30 Lunch

2. Afternoon: Case studies, visualization, and continuous improvement

13:30 Practical case studies:

  • Practice Case 1: Group assignment on determining KPIs, followed by presenting and receiving feedback. As a participant, you will practice with the experts to identify KPIs yourself based on a practical case study. You will present the results to the group and the instructor will explain the best practices.
  • Individual practice cases: Alone or in groups, work with KPIs for your own organization.
  • Visualization of KPIs: You’ll learn how to make KPIs easy to use by employing powerful data visualization techniques. Which psychological effects and cognitive frameworks should you take into account? And above all, what are the best practices surrounding the use of color, surface distribution, and positioning. Including the BBC documentary: “How to make better decisions”.
  • KPIs and the process of continuous improvement (PDCA): Successful and intelligent companies are well aware of the importance of continuous improvement. It’s in their DNA. A KPI process without PDCA (plan-do-check-act) anchoring doesn’t achieve optimal results. During this section you will learn how to embed KPIs into improvement cycles.

16:45 Evaluation and closing

* All participants will be asked beforehand, as homework, to bring in one or several cases related to their own organization. If multiple people from the same organization are signed up for the workshop they may jointly bring a case and work in a group.

Key performance indicators: A perfect early warning system

Once defined, KPIs form a perfect ‘early warning system’ for future performance, and with a poor score, they provide a warning regarding the objectives of the organization. This workshop will introduce you to KPIs, the underlying critical success factors, and all the necessities for a complete KPI framework in a very accessible and approachable manner.

Customer experience: eye-opener

“Good, clear explanations by an experienced and passionate teacher. I especially found the translation of ‘critical success factor to key performance indicator to PI’ to be an eye-opener. Recommended to deepen your knowledge of KPIs.”

Richard Gerritsen

About the instructor

Wouter Huisman studied Business Economics at the University of Groningen and is a management consultant with the Passionned Group. He has years of experience with KPIs and management dashboards and is head over heels for KPI management. His approach is punctuated with practical examples and as a former manager he knows better than anyone where guidance is needed.

Who is this course for?

This workshop provides valuable guidance for anyone who is involved in a KPI process. Our workshop is often attended by: managers, business controllers, financial managers, those responsible for management information, and directors and consultants. We encourage you to participate with several colleagues. Do you want a more comprehensive KPI & Performance Management training course? We offer this as an in-company training course as well.

What do others think of this workshop?

“The KPI workshop by Passionned Group is a very interesting course which offers a clear structure for working with KPIs.”

André van Roekel
Team Leader

“Very good and clear workshop! The KPI workshop by Passionned Group was well tailored to our needs and there was a nice chemistry between the instructor and the group. ”

Paul Brinker
Kader BV

“With the introduction of the KPIs, the performance of the various processes became clear at a glance and actions were defined in order to improve this performance. Thus we were able to adjust our policy when it became clear that parking spaces have great influence on the vacancy rate.”

Hannelie van Asselt
De Woonplaats


We offer our unique KPI workshop as a remote training course (e-conference). If you have want to discuss the possibilities, please contact us now.

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