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Prepare to obtain a highly-rated TDWI-accredited CBIP certification with our training course. Our teachers are veterans in the fields of business intelligence, data science, continuous improvement, and more.

Bring out the best in yourself with the CBIP program

Passionned Group’s CBIP program doesn’t just help you bring out the best in yourself, it also helps you to capitalize on the opportunities offered by Business Analytics and Data Intelligence in your organization. The title of Certified Business Intelligence Professional is gaining more attention, and having the title significantly boosts your career opportunities.

The quality of our CBIP training

But what’s perhaps more important: the quality of our CBIP training. You’ll be trained by the best independent Business Intelligence trainer in the Netherlands. Participants give our BI training course an average score of 9. This training actually goes deeper and broader than is required of the CBIP certification. You’ll not only learn to get certified, but also to use it in practice.

The CBIP track

Aside from the requisite experience working in Business Analytics, a solid theoretical base is important to successfully complete the CBIP track. That’s why this training will provide you with all the relevant theory, supplemented with many practical examples. You’ll learn how to approach complex BI issues effectively.

Practical lessons with our CEO

On top of that, as a part of your preparation for the CBIP exam, you’ll have two days of practical lessons with our Chief Information Officer, Dick Pouw MBA. This will greatly increase your chances of attaining the title of Certified Business Intelligence Professional. For the exam, you’ll choose one of these four specializations:

  1. Business Intelligence & Analytics
  2. Data Management & Governance
  3. Data Integration & Interoperability
  4. IS/IT management

CBIP specialization as a foundation of different functions

The different specializations all prepare you for certain functions. They provide a foundation. The first specialization focuses on the role of BI manager, the second and third prepare you to be a Data warehouse manager, data governance manager, or data architect. The final specialization will prepare you for an IT management function with a large data component, like the Chief Data Officer.

The 7 benefits of the CBIP certification

A CBIP certification is a must for any BI manager or consultant who wants to advance in the field and specialize further. A CBIP certification impacts various areas:

  1. Good for your career: practice has shown that your career opportunities will increase significantly with a CBIP certificate. You’ll have more opportunities to develop and prove yourself. If your passion is data, you can go the extra mile with this special title. Professionals with a CBIP title have a salary that’s 15% higher on average than that of non-certified professionals.
  2. Deep knowledge of BI & Data Science: perhaps most importantly, you’ll gain deep, refined knowledge in the field of Business Intelligence and the possibilities of Data Science. The masters of BI will teach you all the tricks of the trade.
  3. Employers and recruiters value the certificate: a CBIP certificate will help you stand out. Employers and recruiters have shown a preference for professionals with demonstrable expertise. After completing the CBIP track you’ll also receive three digital badges for LinkedIn.
  4. More interesting and challenging work: You’ll be invited to participate in projects where (digital) innovation is the norm. In turn, you’ll learn new things in practice every day, so you can stay at the top of your field.
  5. The industry standard for Business Analytics: our CBIP track is based on the worldwide standard for Business Intelligence. You’ll be accredited by the renowned Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI).
  6. Battle-scarred in the field: our teachers have many years of experience in the field. They still regularly get their hands dirty and also teach classes in TIAS and Erasmus University Rotterdam.
  7. The intelligent organization: as the people behindĀ Data Science for Decision-Makers & Data Professionals and the BI & Data Science Award, we know how to bridge the gap between business and technology like no others. Our training is filled with practical examples and best practices, which bridge the gap to daily practice.

Our goal isn’t just to make organizations work smarter, but also to contribute further to the profesionalization of the BI field. By offering the foremost international certification for Business Intelligence, we contribute to both goals.

Program details

The complete CBIP program consists of 3 blocks, covering 8 days in total. Afterwards, the CBIP exams will take up one-and-a-half day.

Block 1: Business Intelligence & Analytics

During the first block you’ll be initiated in all the foundations of Business Analytics and Big Data over the course of 3 days. You won’t just learn about the most important success factors of Business Intelligence. You’ll also experience the true power of Big Data applications. The most important subjects of the first block are: Business Analytics frameworks and definitions, BI trends, Artificial Intelligence, BI project management, BI architecture, Business Intelligence strategy & roadmap, BI consultancy skills, information analysis & KPIs, data visualization, BI frameworks, and BI success factors.

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Block 2: Data warehouse & Data Governance

In the next block you’ll learn how to design and build a future-proof data infrastructure. We’ll cover, in detail, data modeling, both dimensional modeling and the modeling of a DataVault, as well as the pros and cons. The most important subjects during block 2 are: data warehousing, ETL tools, Data warehouse Automation, Data quality & continuous improvement, data warehouse architecture, data governance frameworks, master data management (MDM), meta data, and maintenance.

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Block 3: Exam training Certified BI Professional

In the last block you’ll be prepared for the exam by Dick Pouw MBA, our CIO. He’ll guide you through the most important aspects of the exam, he’ll give you tips and tricks, and you’ll practice using mock exams. At the start of this block you’ll choose a specialization: Business Intelligence & Analytics, Data Management, Data Integration & interoperability, or IS/IT Management. In two days, we’ll prepare you for the CBIP exam.

The exam training always takes place two weeks before the exam. As such, you’ll have enough time to dot the i’s and cross the t’s, with the help of your teacher. When signing up for the exam training, you can sign up for the exam at the same time.

About the teacher

This course is taught by Dick Pouw, Data Governance specialist and Passionned Group CIO, and Daan van Beek, CEO and author of Data Science for Decision-Makers & Data Professionals. Combined, they have over 40 years of experience in the Business Intelligence field. They’ll guide you towards attaining the title of Certified Business Intelligence Professional, mastery level.

Who is this training for?

This CBIP training is meant for (among others) Business Intelligence consultants, data architects, information architects, (up-and-coming) Business Intelligence project leaders, Business Intelligence managers, IT managers, Chief Data Officers, Data Scientists, and project employees involved in BI or Big Data projects.

Why choose our CBIP training?

  1. Passionned Group has been an independent BI specialist for over 10 years: we’re the authors of the book Data Science for Decision-Makers & Data Professionals, which has been a best-selling BI book for years in the Netherlands. Every other year we put together an independent panel of judges to award the Dutch BI & Data Science Award. We also do thorough research into the properties of BI tools, data integration tools, and the success factors of Business Analytics. This combination of knowledge and experience can’t be found anywhere else.
  2. Our teachers are veteran (BI) professionals: our teachers all have over 20 years of experience in the Business Intelligence field. They often teach at universities and colleges, as well as teaching masterclasses abroad. Our teachers’ classes are never dull; with their focus on real-world practice, combined with theory, they always receive high ratings.
  3. Accredited by the TDWI: our CBIP courses are specially designed for certification and accredited by The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI), a renowned institute for Business Analytics and Data Science. For in-company training we can adjust the CBIP training course to suit your needs, without losing focus on passing the CBIP exam.

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Do you want to take our CBIP course? Contact us to discuss the possibilities for in-company training at a location of your choice. Our teachers would love to pay you a visit and demonstrate their expertise.

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