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A three day Business Intelligence Training workshop

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Passionned Group is a leading analyst and consultancy firm specialized in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence. Our passionate advisors assist many organizations in selecting the best Business Analytics Software and applications. Every two years we organize the election of the smartest company.

Passionned Group offers a three day Business Intelligence Training workshop aimed at anyone interested in becoming more effective with business intelligence and bringing them up to speed with the latest business intelligence insights and novel techniques.

The goal of the BI training

Some of these insights include KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), data visualization, big data, mobile BI and much much more. The goal of the training for the trainee is to master these insights and techniques, allowing them to confidently apply this new knowledge to their field of expertise. The Business Intelligence training program will give you an overview of the three training days.

Day 1 of the Business Intelligence workshop

Day 1 will focus on the important business aspects in relation to Business Intelligence (BI) and Business analytics. International BI trends such as BI in the cloud (what are the benefits?), mobile BI (will everyone be connected?), big data (hype or big business?) and Business Analytics (vendors trying to create the next hype?) will be discussed followed by a group discussion. Indicators such as KPIs (key performance indicators), KRIs (Key Results Indicators) and PIs (performance indicators) will be looked at including the relation between them.

Return on investment of BI

Next the creation of expert dashboards and reports will be taught which will increase productivity and the return on investment. This will be followed by business intelligence project management and governance, which looks into the 10 steps BI project methodology which can ensure success. In addition it looks at the most important pitfalls, scoping and also making the business case for BI. Lastly a case study will be will investigated on how to increase organizational performance by looking at Ahold, winner of the Dutch Business Intelligence Award. Many discussions and assignments will be undertaken on this day.

Day 2 of the BI workshop

The second day will focus on the more important technical aspects in relation to Business Intelligence and Business Analytics. Data visualisation and data quality will be discussed, focusing on how data can be transformed into useful information, whether 3D works on 2D devices, when to use certain types of graphs (lines, bars, pies, etc), methods for improving data quality and data profiling tools will be discussed.

Superior performance of BI

This will be followed by a discussion on real-time BI, focusing on integrating BI into the Web, difficulties when searching the Web for relevant information and some good examples of real-time invisible BI will be looked at. How does one create a sustainable Business Intelligence Framework? This question will be investigated by focusing on re-usability, usability, role based access, superior performance and creating BI apps in quick time. Lastly the choice between different BI architectures and tools for BI and Business Analytics is investigated. Important selection criteria, major steps in the selection process and research findings on BI tools will be focused on.

Up to speed with advanced BI knowledge

These three days will bring anyone up to speed with basic and advanced BI knowledge. Not only IT experts should be aware of the above technicalities, therefore it is paramount to any organization that Directors of Finance, managers in performance management, IT, BI, and data warehousing should all comprehensively be able to use the above concepts and techniques. Grasping these will no doubt lead to a better functioning organization.

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