Open source BI tools

Open source BI tools. Should we be looking at Open Source?Many organizations, both private and public, are currently evaluating or deploying Open Source BI tools (OS BI) like JasperSoft, Pentaho or SpagoBI. These three leading open source Business Intelligence suites offer a full range of Business Intelligence capabilities, ranging from ETL to ad-hoc analysis and reporting.

Open source adoption increases

On a feature by feature comparison, open source Business Intelligence tools still can’t beat the leading closed source offerings, but, as a leading analyst firm recently stated in a research paper: open source adoption increases, because it is often considered ‘good enough’.

OS BI tools worth considering

If you combine the ‘good enough’ factor with an attractive price point and the support delivered by the vendors, open source BI tools are certainly worth considering. More information about the maturity and implementation of OS BI can be found in the Business Intelligence Tools Survey 2014, a in-depth comparison report including open source BI tools.

Open source BI tools in the BI Survey

A profoundly, 100% vendor independent evaluation (169 criteria) of the open source BI tools Pentaho BI and Jaspersoft is included in the Business Intelligence Tools Survey 2014 which is available for purchase and download.

Buy and download the BI Tool Survey Report including an evaluation of open source BI tools