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Key Result Indicators: the 4 kinds of results for any company

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) aren’t the only way to measure your results, there are also the Key Result Indicators. These indicators measure the performance of the most important results of any company. Scores on KRIs are strongly dependent on scores on some KPIs, though.

The most important KRIs of any organization

  1. Profitability: The financial health of your organization.
  2. Customer Satisfaction: How happy are your customers to be doing business with you?
  3. Employee Satisfaction: Are your employees happy to be working for you and your customers?
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS): Is your organization socially responsible and environmentally conscious?

Effectively influencing Key Result Indicators

How can you positively influence these four results as a company? What drives your results? And what’s under the hood? Which parts are performing well, and which ones aren’t? Under your organization’s hood are the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). They instantly show you how the engine is performing, where it stalls, and what else you could improve, so that you can improve all your KRI scores.

The SMART KPI Toolbox

If you need help determining your company’s KPIs, check out our SMART KPI Toolbox. You’ll learn about how to find genuine KPIs for your company, which will in turn affect your KRIs.

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