10 reasons why you should buy our ETL Tools Survey
The ETL Tools & Data Integration Survey is a thorough, 100% independent analysis of the ETL tools market.

Expert opinions on 22 ETL tools
Access all research data
Over 90 selection criteria
Used in over 50 countries

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Why buy the ETL Tools & Data Integration Survey?

Reasons to buy the ETL Tools Survey

The ETL Tools & Data Integration Survey 2018 has been conducted by the Passionned Group, a 100% vendor-independent research company and consultancy, specializing in Business Intelligence consulting, Big Data, and data integration from a business and technology perspective.

✓ Strengths and weaknesses

Our survey will give you true insight in the strengths and weaknesses of the ETL tools as well as the vendors. We have been monitoring the Business Intelligence and ETL market for over ten years now. Because of the detailed analysis, you can expect the report to save you at least 10 working days in the selection process.

✓ We have validated the answers

Vendors were asked to demonstrate the product features in an environment with live data. PowerPoints were not accepted, and to leave no doubts, we validate all the answers by comparing it to the manuals and usage experiences from the developer community.

✓ Find out the vendor’s ‘secrets’

Vendors will often tell you only the strengths of their product(s). In our survey, all the features are revealed, but also the weak points.

✓ Negotiate better deals with the vendors

Using the survey, you will be in a better position to negotiate with the vendor to get better pricing and conditions for the product. The vendor comparison is made based on 12 categories and 90 criteria.

✓ All the detailed survey data available

The ETL Tools & Data Integration Survey 2018 (Enterprise Edition) comes with all the details. At the end of the report you will find an appendix with all the products compared on all the criteria.

✓ Immediate insight into how the tools scored

Graphs showing you in seconds how the different ETL tools have scored on different categories and subcategories. Comparison can be made very easily.

✓ Compact report with clear expert opinions

Our report contains clear opinions and recommendations, no redundant information and it focuses only on the things that really matter.

✓ Full market coverage

With information on 22 products, we cover all the major ETL tools and at least 90% of the market space. Ab Initio is not included, because they refused to talk to us and the comparison cannot be done without the vendor’s cooperation.

✓ Future prospects

The tools are not only assessed by what they have now. The survey has also attempted to measure the future prospects, unraveling the degree of innovation of the vendor one by one. Knowing that, you can see which products are most likely to survive in the future, leaving you with a sustainable and future-proof solution.

✓ Clear ease-of-use opinions

Our experts evaluated the product usability, giving you a profound view of how easy-to-use (or not) the product really is. The ETL Tools & Data Integration Survey 2018 tells you that some products are better used by programmers, while other products are also suitable for the business user.

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