Patrick Nelissen

Patrick NelissenPatrick Nelissen has been an associate partner of Passionned Group since 2012, and he has over twenty years of experience in retail and marketing, both within the confection and within the financial services industry. He always operates at the intersection of commercial and business issues and solutions: Business Intelligence from the business operations.

In his 15 years at Hypotheekshop he was, among other things, responsible for marketing and communications, formula management, legal affairs, and training. In his two years as deputy director, he was responsible for the commercial operation of the 170 branches.

Common thread in Patrick’s working life

Building bridges inside organizations from the business domain to make them smarter. He starts from the existing situation, but he doesn’t hesitate to up-end the current order of things to start with a clean slate. As “liaison officer”, he balances business, information flows, and strategic goals to improve the operation and to achieve the strategic goals. Wherever there are obstacles in the path, he clears them, so that the information can flow freely.

Patrick has two fascinations

  1. From the organizational theory (or knowledge): focusing on the behavior of organizations, the factors that cause this behavior, and how these organizations can be managed most effectively. He recalibrates/develops (new) strategies and implements these.
  2. How do you get the right management information to the right people at the right time in the right format?

“Business Intelligence is mostly culture”

In both his stints in the financial services and his confection industry, Patrick made a number of major improvements and innovations. Recently, Patrick completed a Business Intelligence project for the Hypotheekshop Central Organization and its 170 branches. This project got De Hypotheekshop the third prize in the Business Intelligence Awards 2012. The Business Intelligence project, in combination with a sophisticated customer loyalty program, has given De Hypotheekshop a clear competitive advantage.

Some recent achievements in a nutshell:

  1. In total he managed more than 400 locations in the economic, commercial, and compliance sectors.
  2. In total, he jump-started more than 100 franchisees.
  3. In 2008, he launched a successful Business Intelligence project (3rd place in Netherlands Business Intelligence Awards 2012).
  4. Successful launch of the “Hypotheekshop” formula.
  5. Successful introduction of their own compliance and quality control program.
  6. Introducing Hypotheekshop-academy.
  7. In 2011 and 2012 increase of + 40% CTR on
  8. Kick-started BI projects in multiple franchise chains and start-up franchisers with (benchmark) sessions.

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