Martijn StuiverMartijn Stuiver studied Anthropology with a specialization in Organizational Anthropology (organizational culture) at the Utrecht University (Master of Science). Previously, he got a degree in Business Economics at the University of Utrecht (BA).

He has over 12 years of experience in the international IT industry as a project manager and consultant. The last 10 years he has enriched his skills as a manager, team leader and executive coaching in both the commercial and non-profit sectors.

Team development and organizational change

In 2002 Martijn started at Westbury IT Services, an HP partner specializing in the implementation of service management and business intelligence solutions. In the role of project manager and consultant Martijn was responsible for the system implementation and embedding of change in organizations from various sectors. In recent years Martijn has particularly focused on strategy development, team development, organizational change processes and finally the creation of new initiatives around recruiting and services.

Noticing changes and improvements and implementing those

Martijn helps a lot of people and organizations in his coaching practice from his passion to let them discover how they can change themselves and improve sustainability. Because he says: “The power of successful (intelligent) organizations and projects rests with individuals and teams that learn to notice changes and improvements and implement those with each other.”

“The growth mindset”

As a consultant, Martijn has the strategy, competencies and culture of the organization in mind. He’s a sparring partner of organizations and individuals in the areas of organizational change, team performance and culture change; continuous improvement and learning to innovate. His theme here is “the growth mindset”. “The growth of an organization only succeeds the growth of its people and – as added by Martijn: their teamwork.”

Important catalyst

He helps organizations to effectively deploy changes to facilitate teams and individuals in acquiring knowledge about themselves and change methodologies. Here he supports management in attracting coaches and change managers who are an important catalyst for change and improvement initiatives, quality implementations and Lean projects.

Feedback is crucial to learn and improve sustainable innovation

As a coach and mentor, Martijn puts results, communication, learning and responsibility ahead. He facilitates groups and individuals to examine their own performance, effectiveness and learning. Coaching each other on feedback, (self)reflection, limiting patterns and result-oriented learning is crucial to learn how to sustainably improve and innovate.

Only a success when organizations allow themself to get started

This climate within an organization and team is an important prerequisite to effectively strive for continuous improvement through the PDCA cycle. Critical success factors that anchor Check and Act and lead to smart results. For Martijn, a continuous improvement process is a success once organizations can work with this by themselves on the basis of ‘may’ and ‘will’.

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