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Mark de KortMark de Kort studied business economics at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, after which he spent eighteen years in various positions within the Business Intelligence industry.

First introduction to performance management

In the nineties, Mark made the first translation of a computerized version of “Triple Entry Accounting and Accounting Momentum” immediately after completing his studies. This was a way to monitor the future earnings potential of organizations from a structural perspective. He did this with professor Tjeu Blommeart. This was his first encounter with elements of performance management and business intelligence.

Project and development manager

As a Business Intelligence project leader, Mark helped dozens of for-profit and government organizations with making their ambitions steerable (KPIs & PDCA) and measurable (BI). Mark enjoys  leading and directing innovative BI projects to demonstrate the value of BI quickly and clearly in a short time. He also founded several organizations, including EFM Software (Bizzscore) and Innubilus. He also developed various concepts like SaaS CPM (at Getronics PinkRoccade) and Beyond Scorecarding (Imtech).

Rapid prototyping (agile)

These concepts make complex BI issues understandable and readily available in publicly accessible applications, the so-called rapid prototyping. Hundreds of models have prevented projects from ballooning out of scope before it was clear which direction they should go in.

Through rapid prototyping, interaction with the business has increased enormously. According to Mark, a major critical success factor in BI projects with various stakeholders is to get a shared vision as soon as possible and then work together towards this in order to implement it. Management’s support and usefulness to end-users in their daily work are key concepts.

Forms of play for creating awareness

In recent years, Mark has become interested in Gamification of Business Intelligence and Performance Management. These types of games help in creating awareness and willingness to change. They can also be used for specific in-house simulations for strategic, tactical, and operational management challenges. For example, creating effective steering models on the basis of (big) data.

Publications and lectures

In 2012, he published the book “Systemic Performance Management”, which contributed to the discourse about Serious Games and Gamification. Mark regularly gives guest lectures at colleges and universities on his experiences within the beautiful art of performance management.

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