Louis Brackel

Lean Black Belt and certified coach

Louis Brackel

Louis Brackel studied Business Economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and completed the Postgraduate Controllers training at the Free University of Amsterdam as a Register Controller, several years later. Louis is a Lean Black Belt and certified coach. He has over 25 years experience as a financial manager, management consultant, coach, program manager, and project manager in the field of performance management and Lean.

Integrated Performance Management

In 1989, Louis started at Elsevier Science Publishers, and has since done a lot of work in the role of controller in the field of Integral Performance Management, management dashboards, KPI definition and process improvement.

His passion: bring out the best in teams and organizations

In his time at BDO Management Consulting, Louis developed his skill set further. Louis put himself back in the driver’s seat after the RC postgraduate education as Controller and Information Manager at Pon Power, supplier of Caterpillar engines. Implementation of ERP systems, the PDCA cycle and Business Intelligence tools were important issues there. Especially the Business Process Redesign program further strengthened Louis and his specialism of Lean.

In 1999, Louis himself set up a consultancy business where he was completely dedicated to his passion to get the best out of teams and organizations. Balancing hard and soft skills.

The common thread: improving cooperation processes

As a business economist, Louis prioritizes management of the organization. He believes individuals are just as important as the systems and the processes. His training and experience as a certified coach is balanced by his knowledge and experience as a chartered controller. He is an inspiring sparring partner for companies and governments where the functioning of teams in smart processes with a focus on continuously improving its results is the center of attention.

Purpose, Process and People

In Lean Management, everything comes together for organizations, the employees, but also for Louis. Constant balancing of Purpose, Process, and People delivers exceptional results. Striving for continuous improvement through the PDCA cycle is a prerequisite for this. He aids the management and board with formulating a vision. He also manages strengthening the required Performance Management, and helps organizations improve it continuously.

Only a success when people become independent

Louis is convinced that continuous improvement based on the principles of Lean Management and Plan Do Check Act can make a difference. Results, giving and receiving feedback, learning, and accountability are paramount within teams that are coached and supervised by Louis. For him, an improvement is only a success once the organizations start with the knowledge and experience through the “train the trainer” principle.

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