Jorn Diephuis

Jorn DiephuisJorn Diephuis graduated in Management, Economics, and Law with a specialization in Real Estate Management at the University InHolland Rotterdam. He has over 12 years of experience as an account manager, commercial real estate manager, and entrepreneur.

Broad knowledge in advising

Jorn has a broad knowledge in advising multinationals, government agencies, foundations, SMEs, freelancers, and individuals from his background in real estate. Jorn recently made the transition from real estate to business intelligence in the role of account manager. After being active for over 10 years in real estate, it was time for a new challenge. He found this challenge in consultative selling and technology. Advising clients on complex issues of Big Data and Business Intelligence gives him great satisfaction.

Opportunities through Big Data

Research by the National Think Tank (2014) shows that Big Data could boost the Dutch economy by 45 billion euros, and this only covers the public sector, healthcare, transport, and infrastructure. The research and demonstration Europe WISE Institute (2014) reveals the added value of Big Data. They claim that by 2020 the economy of the EU countries will have grown by 1.9% thanks to Big (and Open) Data.

The importance of Big Data is becoming apparent to more and more companies. 75% of companies intends to invest in Big Data. This sounds promising, but only 13% of companies leverages Big Data optimally. Furthermore, it’s striking that Dutch marketers indicate that 82% of organizations are unable to integrate online and offline data sources.

Added value

Big Data and Business Intelligence are increasingly being used within each company. Where one used to be mainly concerned with analyzing data from the past, data now allows us to look at the present and into the future. Different methods allow you to collect data in real time and predict behavior. Advanced BI tooling makes it possible to make predictions about the future and which decisions to make. The main advantages relate to the customer, such as increasing customer insight, and to the organization, such as improving the decision-making.

Out of the box thinking

Jorn is accustomed to looking from the customer’s perspective and voicing their needs. He is proactive, ambitious, and driven. He’s always moving towards building a long-term relationship. Jorn sees it as his greatest challenge to arrive at the best solution as a team.

Organizations work smarter

Jorn would love to advise you on the possibilities that Passionned Group can offer you to make your organization smarter. “It’s wonderful to be able to share all the experience within Passionned Group with existing and new customers. Passionned Group’s mission to make organizations intelligent really resonates with me. I think it’s great that through our solutions, people in organizations have more entrepreneurial spirit, better results, and experience more joy in their work. It gives me a lot of energy to find out where an organization is now, where it wants to go and how they can be smarter and more intelligent.”

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