Isaac Shawky

Experienced Business Consultant & Project Manager

Isaac Shawky

Isaac Shawky is an experienced business consultant and project manager with a strong focus on Business Intelligence. He operates at the intersection of business strategy, business processes, and the supporting (ICT) technology.

His focus is on identifying, improving, and managing information processes. He has particularly extensive experience in business functions where customer data and customer processes are central, e.g. in Marketing (Customer Insight, Marketing Intelligence), CRM, and Customer Service.

Analytical gaze and passion

With a combination of an analytical perspective, a passion for improving customer processes, and a highly developed sense of relationships within organizations, he is able to achieve and secure sustainable improvements. With the aim of creating an intelligent, customer-focused organization.

Increasing the value of customer relationships

He is specialized in organizing and improving the processes for the analysis of customer data, specifically in order to increase the value of customer relations. Both for the customer and for the business. With previous employers, he has worked both in project and in line functions to set up and lead advisory groups with the above processes as a key task. At CIBIT, he set up and managed the BI department. At IBM, he led a group of Customer Intelligence (9 advisors) which performed CI projects for clients in this area. These included: predictive modeling, churn management, and customer retention.

Bridge builder

With a diplomatic style of operating, Isaac handles conflicting interests and cultures in an organization very well, without losing sight of the ultimate business goal. He values improving processes with the company strategy in mind, so that customers obtain a clear benefit. With tact and a sense of human scale, he knows how to work with all stakeholders as a mediator in order to realize the business case. In addition, he can smoothly switch between strategy, tactical processes, and operations.

Lecturer at the Passionned Academy

Isaac is a lecturer at the Passionned Academy, where he teaches Business Intelligence, Data Science and BI Consulting Skills.

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