Betty Neijmeijer

Betty NeijmeijerBetty Neijmeijer graduated in Liberal Arts at the University of Utrecht. Then she followed a two-year education on business management at the Avans Hogeschool and the education Controlling Changes in Organizations (SVO) at the Sioo. Betty has over 20 years of experience as a consultant, facilitator, trainer and manager.

Leading and consulting on change and improvement processes

Betty has specialized in leading and consulting on change and improvement processes from a background in HR. She works mainly for organizations in the non-profit area, such as government and healthcare. She has lead various change processes, with a savings and/or an improvement target, such as reorganizations, mergers, re-designing of work processes and organizational structure.

Her passion: bring structure in difficult circumstances

Betty is accustomed to working in complex, ‘political’ organizations and that is where she feels at home. Result driven as she is, she considers it a challenge to put down a clear outcome in difficult circumstances. She is used to deal with resistance and she is good in convincing people of the need for change.

Success is the achievement of sustainable results

For Betty, a task is successful not only when the client is satisfied with the end result, but when the people who have to work with it are happy as well. Sustainability is a prerequisite for success according to Betty.

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