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Bart EikelenboomDr. Bart Eikelenboom has a passion for strategy and making organisations work smarter. He’s known as a ‘from good-to-great’-expert. He knows the pitfalls and critical success factors of strategy changes like no other.

Strategic pitfalls

He helps organizations in solving strategic issues through interactive dialogues and strategy maps, particularly with bringing strategy into practice: “How can employees and managers provide the performances that are needed to realize the strategy of the company.”

Promoted at the Strategy Center of Nyenrode

Bart combined two studies: Administration at Twente University and Business Administration at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Bart was then promoted at the Nyenrode Strategy Center to investigate the link between organizational capacity and financial performance.

Specialization in education, health care and banking

After his studies, Bart worked for several consulting firms, including Deloitte. He held assignments in business, education, healthcare, and banking. Among other things, he has supervised the reorganization of the ING business unit ‘Business Banking’.

Keen to achieve sustainable results

Bart is knowledgeable and pragmatic in the field of strategy – keen to achieve sustainable results – and is an enthusiastic partner for strategic issues.

In addition to his consultancy work, he teaches the subject of strategy at the Hogeschool Utrecht and Nyenrode Business University and has several publications to his name, including the management book Organizational capabilities and bottom line performance.

Recent articles

Bart recently published some very clear articles about strategy and implementation:

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