Albert de Bree

Digital transformation expert

Albert de BreeAlbert de Bree obtained his Master’s degree in Business Administration at the Technical University Eindhoven.  He has over 25 years of experience as an IT manager, and more recently an expert in digital transformation. Albert works along the intersection of business and ICT. His passion is making organizations work smarter by applying new technologies such as AI, apps & analytics, cloud DevOps, Agile, and the Internet of Things. Albert emphasizes that new technology can’t be approached in isolation but always has to be linked to people and their unique characteristics, competencies, and behavior.

Business strategy and digital disruption

As an interim manager, Albert has filled various IT Management functions, and executed multiple transition assignments at companies in the profit (automotive, industry, and insurance) and non-profit sector (local government, healthcare, and NGOs). Albert also worked internally for longer periods as IT Director at PON and Yokogawa. In these internationally-oriented functions, he lifted IT services to a higher level wherever he went.

Albert achieved several important goals related to improving IT Governance in his work, especially the alignment between business and IT. He also has a lot of experience in defining and realizing the IT strategy and setting up roadmaps. He also guides organization in the pivot from a controlling to a directing organization. Albert supports managers in their role as a business enabler and instigator of innovation. Finally, he attaches a lot of importance to the improvement of organizational steering based on data and KPIs.

His passion: adding value with innovation and digitization

Albert’s passion is using innovation and digitization to add value to companies in order to increase stakeholder satisfaction and improve their position within the sector and chain. Every company increasingly has to deal with opportunities and threats that can cause disruption within their sector. That’s why everyone should be aware of emerging IT trends and their impact on the sector and your company.

Employees from the business and IT departments should work together to point out relevant trends in a timely fashion to spot disruption in their sector. Translating these trends to a new strategy and effective change programs for companies and institutions gives me a lot of energy.

The common thread: integral and situational

As a Business Administration Master, Albert is a big believer in a comprehensive and situational approach to change processes. He’s the sparring partner of business, governments, and care institutions, and deployable in a wide array of functional and technical disciplines. Albert always remains methodical, yet pragmatic when it comes to analyses and implementations. He situationally uses relevant best practice frameworks and architectures like business information planning, Digital Disruption Analysis, COBIT, TOGAF, ITIL, and ISO27001.

Albert’s specializations

✓ IT strategy and business information planning
✓ Digital transformation and innovation
✓ IT Governance & BI platforms
✓ Program and project management
✓ Interim CIO
✓ IT executive coaching
✓ IT organization development

For the last point, consider the structure, functions, competencies, staffing, behavior, and attitude.

Albert advises management and directions in strategy formulation, directs the set-up of change programs, and helps organizations add value by innovating in time. Depending on the clients’ wishes he can facilitate a broad or specific track, from strategy formulation to securing the results.

Working from what the client wants

For Albert, a change project isn’t finished until the changes are measurable, viable, and sustainable to the client. Clearly measurable goals are essential and go hand in hand with striving to improve continuously. When asked about the most important conditions to a successful (digital) transformation, Albert names the following factors: complete commitment of stakeholders, a sustainable IT Governance structure, a prevalent business perspective, and the added value has to be measurable.

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