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As a driven manager or director, you want to organize your company smarter and improve management. Worldwide research in over 100 countries has shown that the quality of management is a decisive factor in success. It’s also known that top organizations have far fewer managers than traditional organizations. But how do you approach this and what’s involved?

  • Most intelligent organizations are flat and have little hierarchy. How can you still ensure the necessary structure, coordination, and stability?
  • Content is more and more important. How do modern managers employ their deep knowledge using process management and coaching leadership?
  • The role of management information and genuine KPIs is becoming increasingly important. How do you organize the right information infrastructure and make data-driven decisions?

If you’re dealing with one or more of these issues, the management consultants of Passionned Group are eager to help you.

Management’s main tasks

Traditional organizations work with managers that cling to managing based on the command and control principle. In these dynamic times, that approach often doesn’t cut it anymore. Today’s standard could be yesterday’s old news. That demands an agile organization that can quickly react to the changing dynamics both inside and outside the organization. (Senior) management of intelligent organizations shows that the following competencies are required:

  • Strategic management: This management task ensures that your organization can always follow the right course and strategy. All-round vision, SMART goals, and genuine KPIs are necessary to keep reevaluating the current course to determine if course-correction is necessary.
  • Increasing analytical capacity: Management makes sure that the right information and knowledge arrives with the right person in the right form at the right time, and that it gets used. The concept of Business Intelligence & Analytics doesn’t just form an impetus for the further development of strategic capacity, but also greater agility.
  • Agile working and managing: The third main task of managers is about embedding agility in processes by using information management, customer focus, change management, and process management, among other things. This allows organizations to react more quickly to developments in the marketplace and the stay ahead of the competition. Read more about agile working.
  • Continuous improvement: The above tasks can’t work without a culture of continuous improvement, innovation, and faster learning by experimenting, among other things. PDCA principles, lean, quality management, and feedback are all tools in the toolbox of a modern manager.

Passionned Group has already proven countless times that organizations that take these tasks seriously and make progress using them become more intelligent. As a result, they reap the rewards: more profit, more satisfied customers, and greater employee satisfaction.

The intelligent organization

Our management concept of “the intelligent organization” helps you in the process of pivoting your organization. The dominant hierarchy where bosses call the shots makes way for customer-focused processes, capable employees, and integral steering by modern managers.

In our management book Data Science for Decision-Makers & Data Professionals, you can read all about this interesting development. It contains a 10-step plan to make your organization work more intelligently. From all-around vision to data-driven decision-making processes to continuous improvement and innovation.

Client Testimonial

“Passionned Group’s consultants have a wealth of experience and enthusiastically share their knowledge with their clients.”

André Drenth
Municipality Almere

What determines management quality?

It goes without saying that management quality is a determining factor in organizational success. This quality can be measured using the scores of three important result areas of every organization: financial situation, customer satisfaction, and employee satisfaction. But what are the underlying success factors of successful managers? Our own research has exposed those success factors for the first time:

  • Giving and receiving feedback is an art and a skill, especially when things aren’t going well.
  • Embedding quality control in the company process, creating a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Data-driven decision-making and a large degree of transparency in everyday business.

Management training

To further develop and refine the quality of management, Passionned Group has developed a series of practical management training courses. Courses that can teach you and your employees the right skills and competencies. At the same time, you’re increasing the intelligence of your organization. With a selection of subjects, highly experienced teachers, and relevant teaching materials, you can be assured of high-quality management training.

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