Lean consultant make organizations more agile

Lean consultants and managers used to be focused on improving departments or processes using a project-based approach. There are often special task forces and departments within organization to support this process. A lot of time was spent training employees to think and work Lean. More and more, this became a continuous process.

Lean as an integral component

The financial crisis and on-going changes in organizations have put pressure on these departments, and with it their project-based approach. Increasingly, Lean thinking and working is becoming an integral component of business operation. This, too, has become a continuous process. Organizations that embed Lean in their business in this way turn out to be much more successful.

The other role of the Lean Manager

This demands a different role and job description of Lean managers and consultants. Where they were previously focused on executing (large) Lean projects, now they take on a role more like a coach or advisor. They stimulate thinking in Lean and have become an integral component of the (digital) changes implemented by organizations. Previously, project management competencies were prioritized, but now change management proves to be essential to success.

Important Lean factors

The following points are important when finding or becoming a good Lean Consultant:

  • What skills are modern Lean consultants expected to have?
  • Which tasks and responsibilities fit this profile?
  • How can you measure the success of a Lean consultant in a company?
  • What steps should you take to find the right Lean manager or consultant?
  • Why should you consider hiring a Lean consultant/manager through Passionned Group?

All these questions and more will be discussed below.

The practical skills of a Lean manager

The role is changing, becoming more of a role that’s filled within every facet of the organization. Because of this, Lean consultants and Lean managers are expected to have different competencies and skills.

In the past, these roles were much more active on the operational levels in projects. Now they’re focused on, as coaches or experts, keeping organizations and their processes agile and Lean. To accomplish this, they need skills such as the following:

  • The ability to genuinely implement Lean and agile changes and methods in organizations.
  • Integrating Lean as a practical way of working, without being seen as ballast.
  • The ability to build and maintain good relationships with all stakeholders in the organization.
  • The ability to execute data analysis of processes. Using the results to show where teams can increase the added value for customers. Or where organizations can reduce waste in processes.
  • Supporting digital changes and new product introductions from a Lean perspective.
  • Controlling Lean processes in the right way. The Lean consultant has to be able to stay independent when doing so.

The technical side is still important. Being able to discuss the latest developments in the field and making it stick in the organization remains an important skill. The Lean consultant and Lean manager will have to be able to convince the organization of their added value in the workplace more so than before.

How do you become a (better) Lean manager or consultant?

Lean and Agile working are rapidly-developing fields. Lean is becoming a more integral component of how organizations work. This is a good change in and of itself, but how can you develop into this new role?

Reading trade journals is always a plus, of course. Passionned Group also has an extensive knowledge base filled with articles, whitepapers, etc. on this subject and much more. Reading various books can also provide new insights.

But if you really want to excel, Passionned Academy might just be the solution for you. We have a wide selection of training courses to suit your needs, from Lean training to a masterclass in PDCA and continuous improvement. If you want to increase your effectiveness and motivate your organization, look no further.

Hiring a Lean manager or Lean consultant

Lean managers or consultants can be hired in many places, but Passionned Group sets itself apart from its competitors. Our Lean managers and consultants are battle-tested and experienced and can put Lean on the map and implement it in your organization. They’re focused on getting results.

After contacting us with a request, we’ll contact you within 24 hours. We’ll define the profile of the candidate you’re looking for and introduce you to the right interim consultant or manager. If you choose one of the candidates from our extensive network, we can typically round out the process within 48 hours, after which the Lean manager/consultant can quickly get to work in your organization.

The benefits of a Passionned Group interim manager

Obviously our Lean consultants and Lean managers are very experienced in the field, but there’s more. They aren’t solely focused on the strategic and tactical vision of quality management; they pay special attention to implementing Lean as an integral part of business operations.

Several of our Lean managers and consultants also teach at Passionned Academy. This gives them the perfect mixture of theoretical knowledge on the one hand, and practical, everyday skills on the other hand.

Our Lean specialists have access to a very extensive knowledge base and tool kit. These are also available to your employees, so that you can take big leaps when it comes to Lean and agile working within your company.

Opening Lean consultant and Lean manager

We’re regularly on the lookout for highly experienced Lean consultants and managers to fulfill client assignments. If you think you’re up to the challenges described above, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The field of Lean and Agile working is undergoing many developments. Lean consultants and Lean managers are usually the ones who translate trends to the rest of the organization. The most important trends to recognize are:

  • Lean and agile working are becoming commonplace. Lean, as a concept, originated in the automotive industry. More and more organizations across various industries are organizing according to Lean principles, however. For example: healthcare, government, etc.
  • Lean and agile working are now integral parts of business operations. Lean was, until recently, usually approached as a project, but now it’s a constant for everyone in the organization. Everyone now wonders how they can add as much value as possible for the customer, while minimizing waste in processes.
  • Organizations are becoming more agile. Change is now a constant factor in the market and technology. Because of that, Lean and Agile working have become integral components of all (digital) change projects within organizations.
  • Thinking in added value for the customer. Models and methods that map or test added value for customers are becoming increasingly important. Consider Value Stream Thinking and concepts like Minimum Viable Products (MVP). These concepts are all about examining the real added value for customers of new (to be developed) products or services.
  • Data is King these days. Organizations have access to ever-increasing volumes of data, and it’s becoming easier to gain access to it. Decisions in organizations are increasingly made based on data. The same goes for Lean tracks and issues like what the added value for a customer is, and how much waste is generated by a process.

These aren’t nearly all the trends. Lean approaches are changing with the times, and so do the ways organizations handle them. Lean consultants and Lean managers play a crucial role in making sure organizations are agile going into the future.

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Do you want to know more about hiring a Lean consultant or Lean manager? Do you have any questions about a specific training course, or any other questions? Feel free to contact us.

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