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The CRM manager is the bridge between your organization and the customer.

The CRM manager: from complaint management to customer ambassador

Organizations are putting CRM and customer-focused business front and center more and more often. Many organizations start implementing a new CRM system after an exploratory phase. They use this new CRM system to document customer data, and slowly but surely they add customer processes to it. In this phase, The CRM manager primarily works on correctly handling the primary customer processes at the lowest costs possible.

As the organization’s maturity in the CRM area grows, the system is no longer centralized, but the vision, the company processes, and employees take center stage. The role of the CRM manager shifts from being the one who deals with customer processes to being the mouthpiece of customers within the organization, or the customer ambassador.

The essence of a CRM manager

This role has become essential to many organizations. That requires different knowledge, and especially skills, of the CRM manager. They’re the ambassador that represents customers within all facets of the organization.

A future-proof CRM model for your company

Customer interaction and needs change quickly, and the time-to-market of a product is getting shorter and shorter as a result. In order to establish a good, future-proof CRM model, putting the customer first is the key to success. The question is: how do you do that?

  1. Firstly, by putting the customer first using a customer ambassador (CRM manager).
  2. Secondly by having processes and ICT systems that can quickly adapt to changing circumstances (agile working).
  3. Thirdly, by constantly measuring and steering on available data.

The most important point: “breeding” an organization that puts its customer first in the company culture.

The most important trends for a CRM manager

Developments in the field of customer-focused working are happening at a rapid pace, and so do the ways in which customers want to communicate with organizations. Where until relatively recently, phones were the most common communication method, by now Twitter is already dated, and customers communicate through WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. Trends come and go very quickly, and perhaps most importantly, they enhance each other. The most important trends are:

  • Integration of channelsThe rise and integration of channels: The amount of (digital) channels is growing enormously. Customers expect organizations to integrate every channel, also called omnichannel.
  • Social CRM: Social media is becoming more and more important. Not just to follow your customers, but also to service them. Customer experiences, especially negative ones, are quick to be shared on social media. Organizations can be expected to react quickly to prevent damage to their reputation.
  • Cloud and mobile: A growing number of CRM systems is available 24/7 in the Cloud. Employees, but especially customers, increasingly work exclusively on mobile.
  • Customer security and privacy: It’s essential to protect customer data and guarantee privacy. A breach of personal information is often the kiss of death for an organization’s reputation.
  • Analytics is key: The possibilities when it comes to collecting and analyzing data are growing thanks to the rise of digital channels. The availability of these channels has made 1-on-1 marketing truly possible. Big Data seems to offer unlimited possibilities.

These aren’t the only trends going. CRM software is offering more possibilities all the time, and the intelligent use of data is still in its infancy.

What to look out for in CRM management

The most important points are:

  • New (innovative) skills are expected of a CRM manager.
  • What will the job of a customer manager be in the future?
  • What are the benefits of a Passionned Group interim CRM manager?
  • How can you keep up with all the developments?
  • How do you find the right CRM manager who can implement customer changes?

The most important skills of a CRM manager

The skills are shifting from customer process optimization to being able to implement customer changes in organizations. Which skills do you need to possess?

  • Firstly, you have to be able to get management and employees on board with the change. In other words, you have to be organization-sensitive.
  • You have to be able to use data to continuously improve customer processes.
  • The customer journey has to be designed so that they’re not just right for the customer, but also viable for the organization.
  • Customer problems have to be worded in a way that everyone can understand. In other words: simplifying difficult customer problems.
  • In security and privacy aspects, you have to find the right balance between the needs of the customer and those of the organization.
  • Maybe the most important one: you have to be passionate about helping customers.

How do you become a convincing customer ambassador?

Being a customer ambassador in a company requires a lot of persuasive power. The way customer ambassadors can really convince their company is by making the customer “experience the company” using facts (read: data).

It’s a challenge to get management employees on board with putting the customer first. Questions like “what do I need to do to make my company more customer-focused”, “how can I be heard better,” and “how can I use (big) data to make the organization more customer-focused and viable” are difficult to answer, but we can help.

Several books have been written on these subjects, and we have an extensive knowledge base at your disposal. Our goal is to “breed” customer ambassadors who continuously optimize customer processes using data, to generate the most optimal experience possible for customers. We can also help you formulate a new business model, or optimize your old one.

Do you want to hire an interim CRM manager?

CRM managers can be hired in many places. But Passionned Group only works with highly experienced managers and advisors. They’re experienced at putting the customer first and implementing changes, using data as a starting point.

Our hiring practices are transparent and predictable. If you request an interim manager with us we’ll respond within 24 hours. Then we’ll quickly establish a detailed profile. Based on that, we’ll start looking for the right candidate. After making a selection from our candidates, we can complete the process within 48 hours. The interim CRM manager can then quickly get started in your organization.

The benefits of Passionned Group

Our interim CRM managers are highly experienced and possess a broad set of skills and knowledge. They’re focused on implementing changes that make the difference to customers. The interim managers examines all aspects of customer interaction. Not just the software systems, but the customer processes, competencies of employees, and how processes are managed.

Some of our interim CRM managers teach in Passionned Academy, too. They combine theory with everyday practice. Passionned Group developed their own approach and methods focused on quickly and successfully implementing successful customer-focused changes. Our extensive knowledge base and tooling complete the package. When hiring an interim manager, these are also available to your entire organization.

Opening for a CRM manager

Are you the (interim) customer ambassador we’re looking for? The only who helps organizations to become truly customer-focused? We’re looking for you to help our clients. If you want to meet us or talk about any of the points above, feel free to make an appointment with us.

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