Change managers must demonstrate success

Change is becoming a constant factor in organizations. But research shows that 70% of changes in organizations are unsuccessful. How does the change manager ensure success? The answer is as simple as it is challenging: demonstrate it.

Organizations can’t afford to stand still

The demand for change managers is increasing. The digital revolution has made it impossible for organizations to stand still. The digital revolution also offers opportunities. Changes can be given direction and demonstrated much more easily, all thanks to data. Change managers have to be able to make change measurable and drive it more than ever before.

The role of the change manager itself is also changing. The question is: how can you find or become a data-driven change manager who can demonstrate change?

What are the challenges facing change managers?

The change manager is facing many challenges, and organizations are faced with many of the same issues, such as:

  • What are the developments a change manager should be prepared for?
  • What skills should a data-driven change manager possess?
  • What is the job description of this new profile?
  • What steps can you take to find a data-driven change manager, or become one?
  • How can a (interim) change manager achieve success? And especially: how can they demonstrate this success?

This page will answer all these questions and more.

The most important trend has already been mentioned earlier. The change manager isn’t the “philosophical” agent of change anymore, but a data-driven changer who can show the current state of the change. But there are more things at play. Other important trends are:

  • Change management and project management are becoming one and the same for change managers. Both fields go hand-in-hand increasingly frequently. The ability to implement change through a project-based approach has become essential.
  • New processes and forms of innovation. Shortening the innovation process by testing (prototype) products in the market directly. Lean or agile product development is the leading way of implementing change in organizations these days.
  • Change management is becoming part of everyone’s skill set. Organizations are increasingly asking all managers and employees to implement changes themselves. Change managers are usually not involved anymore in these (often smaller) changes.
  • Data and Big Data are becoming integral components of every change. Innovation and product development, as well as internal changes, have to be demonstrable. If it seems like changes aren’t successful, you have to be able to course-correct quickly.
  • Developing and sharing knowledge is the key to success when it comes to change. Sharing knowledge within organizations, working together with other parties (chains), and developing products with customers (co-creation) have all become essential change methods. This does make the change manager’s role more complex, however.

The skills of a (data-driven) change manager

Naturally, a change manager has to be able to shape and lead change projects. The most important skills in doing so are:

  • Steering organizations so that they implement continuous improvement.
  • They have to be able to make change visible to the organization while stressing its importance. They can do this by telling a compelling (change) story.
  • Stakeholder management. They have to be able to cooperate with all facets if the organization in order to win the required support for the change.
  • Strategic thinking and the ability to choose the correct change strategy.
  • Flexibility. New insights generated by data can change the required course. The change manager doesn’t strive for perfection, but the optimal achievable target. They have to be able to gather, interpret, and visualize data.
  • A decisive character and ownership over the change. Only then can they convince the organization of their plan. The change manager has to be personally committed.

These aren’t all the required skills, of course. A change manager has to be able to delineate and scope the change correctly. Clear communicative skills can also be instrumental in success.

What are the benefits of Passionned Group’s change managers

Since its founding, Passionned Group has been working on the cutting edge of change management and data-driven working: business analytics. This approach is described in the book The Intelligent Organization, which is in its third edition. All of our change managers are experts in implementing organizational changes based on data.

Passionned Group only works with highly experienced change managers. Several of them also teach courses in the Passionned Academy. This allows us to present the perfect combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills and experience.

Passionned Group also has access to an extensive knowledge base and tool set, which the change manager and our clients have access to.

How do you become a (better) change manager?

If you want to keep developing in t he field of change management and data-driven working, then we heartily recommend the book The Intelligent Organization. You can also follow one of our training courses in Passionned Academy.

Passionned Group can help you achieve greater success and demonstrate your added value. If you want to spar with one of our experts or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Do you want to hire a data-driven change manager?

You can hire change managers through a variety of channels. But Passionned Group only works with experienced managers who can implement changes based on data. Our unique formula enables us to quickly introduce you to the right candidate with the skill set you’re looking for.

After you place a request with us we’ll drill down into your needs and define a profile. We’ll usually do this within one working day. Based on this profile we can get back to you with a candidate quickly, and if you choose one of our candidates, we can complete the process within 48 hours. The change manager can then start working in your organization shortly.

The change manager that can demonstrate added value

Change management has stopped being the field where change is something magical. Companies are increasingly using the change manager’s skills to implement demonstrable changes.

The market is developing quickly. This often leads to disruption within sectors. This volatile environment calls for quick change, and quicker course-correction when necessary. These new needs have popularized change methods like agile working.

The only way to course-correct the change process is by implementing measurable goals and KPIs. By constantly measuring your goals and course-correcting the change process when necessary you can drastically increase your chance of success.

Opening change manager

Passionned Group is regularly looking for experienced change managers for its clients. Are you such a data-driven change manager? Do you see yourself in this description? We’d love to hear from you.


Do you want to discuss the topics discussed here? Are you interested in a training course, or do you want to hire a change manager? Contact us.

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