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The right project manager on the right project

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Multiple research projects have shown that the methodology of a project manager is crucially important to the success of a project. Yet we’ve determined that project success rate hasn’t increased over the past years.

Research has also shown that every project is unique, and thus has its own unique properties. But the project staffing isn’t based on that. We also found that the project environment influences its success. The interesting question, then, is how do we match the right project manager to the right project and project environment, for example designing a Shared Service Center, releasing a new service, or implementing a new production process?


The interest group “Developing Competencies and Innovative Methodologies” did research commissioned by IPMA-NL to examine which competencies project managers need to successfully complete projects by type and project environment. Bernard Vuijk contributed to this research for Passionned Group as chairman of the interest group. Aside from the relationship between the necessary project manager competencies and the project type, the project provides advice and recommendations for the NCB/ICB and IPMA certification.


The results of this research are interesting for a wide range of organizations: government organizations, companies, or project service providers can gain a lot from properly matching project managers and projects. For example:

  • Much higher project success chance (satisfying the business case).
  • Better quality of the project’s results.
  • Realizing project portfolios with a lower budget.
  • Satisfied stakeholders.
  • Specialized training for project managers.
  • Targeted increase of project maturity, resulting in positive effect on project execution.

Essentially it’s nothing more than executing projects in an organization as they should be executed. But given the high failure rate of projects, this is no small feat.

The matching of projects and managers is examined based on two under-examined, yet crucial, success factors: the working methodology of the project manager on the one hand, and the relationship between this methodology to the type of project on the other hand.

Reaping the benefits

The research group “Developing Competencies and Innovative Methodologies” strives to help organizations reap the above benefits using the results of the research project.

We can, for example, fill a specific need, or perform a project organization audit, which will result in a development plan for the desired situation, describing the required activities and interventions, among other things. The activities and interventions can vary greatly, such as competence management for project managers, process adjustments, targeted coaching of project managers, training, (management) team supervision, etc.

Your role in this research

For the execution of the research, we ask for a contribution and co-operation for holding workshops, interviews, and work sessions. In return, the organization will be the first to receive the outcome of the research, an educational personal feedback session, project maturity audit report, training advice, project planning profile, and the above advantages to professionalize the project organization.

“Investing in developing people and the organization increases employee productivity in the long term.” – Centre for creative leadership

Want to know more?

Do you want to know more about the results of this research and the benefits Passionned Group can provide for your organization? Contact us freely for an appointment or discussion.

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