How do you describe your strategy?

Having a well thought-out strategy is a good start. But what if it turns out that you can’t describe it well? You can’t quite pin it down and put it in black and white. Your strategy won’t carry across the entire organization, simply because it isn’t clear to everybody. Accurately and professionally describing the organizational strategy is essential. Not just for your company as a whole, but in all layers of management.

Describing the organizational strategy

When describing the strategy, using a strategy map can be of great value. The map visualizes the various elements of the strategy, and sketches out a model of the cause-and-effect relationships between the strategic goals determined beforehand. This clarifies the strategy.

How a strategy map helps describe strategy

According to Kaplan and Norton’s vision, the strategy map helps to test management’s vision of a successful company formula. This testing happens using the indicators on the balanced scorecard.

What are the benefits of describing strategy?

  • A clear vision and mission
  • A clearer definition of your values
  • A more intelligent organization
  • The strategy is carried out by the entire organization
  • Employees make decisions in line with the strategy

Important when describing strategy

The important thing is identifying the cause-and-effect relationships. After this, it’s relatively simple to define KPIs. Creating a network of relationships between the strategic goals is essential according to Kaplan and Norton, as well as other authors.

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How the Balanced Scorecard helps the mission

Kaplan and Norton’s starting point is the Balanced Scorecard with four perspectives. You can keep using it to translate the mission of the organization into strategic goals, critical success factors, and key performance indicators.

The translation to indicators

In practice, the connection between strategic goals and Balanced Scorecard-indicators often goes awry. A strategy map helps to grease the wheels and facilitates the translation to indicators.

The strategy map as missing link

Kaplan and Norton think that the strategy map provides leaders with just as much insight as the Balanced Scorecard itself. The strategy map displays the cause-and-effect relationships between the various parts of the organizational strategy. It forms the missing link to putting it into practice using testable indicators.

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The consultants of Passionned Group have over 15 years of experience in describing strategies and executing them. We’ve helped a lot of companies achieve success. Contact us or take our Scenario Planning Workshop. That’s how you can become a specialist in describing your company strategy.

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