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Bruno Tuijt | Centrient Pharmaceuticals | January 17, 2023

Good for starters, clear, useful handles and tools. Review of Business Intelligence training .

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Karin Swets | Quantumma | January 1, 2023

It is very nice to hear the state-of-the-art from practitioners who support the theory with numerous practical examples. I myself also particularly enjoyed the interaction between the course participants during the execution of various practical assignments. Review of Training Datawarehouse & Data Governance

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Iris Driessen | BNP Paribas Cardif | December 8, 2022

Good training with striking examples. Emphasis on logical thinking and both feet on the ground. Positive + enlightening! Review on Training PDCA & Quality Management.

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Surrendra Santokhi | Local Government | December 8, 2022

Informative and well connected to new developments. Review on Business Intelligence training.

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Harmen Weuring | SSC Espria | November 13, 2022

Super meaningful and many tangents to the challenges facing our organization. Review on Business Intelligence training.

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Marcel Gerrits | Fenix Outdoor Logistics BV | November 13, 2022

Excellent training to understand the principles of Big Data. Review on Big Data training.

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Miranda Gooiker | Bonduelle | November 13, 2022

In my opinion it is a complete course for people from the business/IT or finance corner to learn and understand all the disciplines of data management and data science. You learn to look through different lenses. Review on Data Science course.

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Anonymous | Conclusion Learning Centers | November 13, 2022

Pleasant atmosphere, nice group and learned a lot. Review of Performance Management & KPI Training.

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Dirk Schaele | Director Operations | Lapperre Hearing Systems | November 7, 2022

A valuable and powerful Lean course. The team gave valuable feedback at the debrief. People are already showing different behavior. They are interacting differently, naming improvements more concretely and trying to quantify improvements. We will now work to see how we can implement this further with other teams within Lapperre Hearing Systems. Review on Lean Training Green Belt.

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Paul Stuurman | ING Group NV | October 31, 2022

The Big Data course gives a good overview of what is possible in the field of predictive analytics and big data. Included book also gives clear explanations. Recommended for anyone who wants to get started.

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Rineke de Weijer | Unilever R&D | October 31, 2022

Enthusiastic trainer with a lot of experience, practical examples! Day 1: strategy, the big PDCA circle is a bit far from my mind, this part could have been a bit shorter, to have more time for smaller circles. Despite that, my goals were definitely met! Thank you!!! Review on Training PDCA & Quality Management.

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Duncan Borst | ABN AMRO Bank | October 28, 2022

Must have for anyone making decisions about Business Analytics. Instructive, especially strong focus on building a bridge between IT & Business. Review on Data Science training.

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Armand Vaessen | Real Estate Company | October 27, 2022

Good overview of Business Intelligence and perspective: BI is not set in stone. Room for discussion and nuance. Excellent and very enlightening on the essentials. Confident given the instructor's experience.

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Nico de Jonge | ABN AMRO Lease | October 27, 2022

I was able to immediately apply my acquired knowledge in practice. I would definitely recommend Business Consultants in all industries to take the Business Intelligence course at Passionned Group. I found it extremely successful.

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