Table of contents of the Business Intelligence Tools Survey

1.Study participants5
2.Study background and set-up7
2.1Is Business Intelligence still relevant?9
2.1.1What’s in a name?9
2.1.2Is it worth the investment?9
2.1.3The four phases of Business Intelligence10
2.2Enterprise Buisness Intelligence products10
2.3Database and packaged products11
2.4Data discovery & visualization products11
2.5Innovative, new and niche products12
3.Motivation for the Business Intelligence study12
3.1How the study was carried out14
4.Graphs per category & ranking21
4.1Infrastructure and Architecture21
4.2Cloud architecture23
4.3Functionality and completeness25
4.4Usability and Visualization27
4.5Mobile Business Intelligence29
4.6Hardware and servers32
4.7Performance Issues & Big Data34
4.8Predictive Analysis (Data Mining)37
4.9Search and Alerting40
4.10Performance Management42
4.11Security and Connectivity44
4.12All Categories47
5.Expert opinion on each Business Intelligence tool49
5.1Enterprise Business Intelligence products49
5.1.1- IBM Cognos 10.2.149
5.1.2- SAP BusinessObjects – Enterprise XI 4.0/FP351
5.1.3- Information Builders (IBI) – WebFOCUS 8.0153
5.1.4- SAS Institute – Enterprise BI Server 9.455
5.1.5- MicroStrategy 9.4.157
5.1.6- Birst 5.1360
5.1.7- Pentaho 5.161
5.2Database and Packaged Products63
5.2.1- Oracle BI Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)64
5.2.2- SAP NetWeaver BI 7.3 (powered by HANA)66
5.2.3- Microsoft BI 2014 (Power BI included)67
5.2.4- Oracle Hyperion – System 971
5.3Data Discovery & Visualization 72
5.3.1- Qlik 11.272
5.3.2- Tableau Software 8.273
5.3.3- Board Management Intelligence Toolkit 8.175
5.4Innovative, new and niche products76
5.4.1- Bizzscore Suite 7.477
5.4.2- Yellowfin 7.178
5.4.3- Style Intelligence 11.579
5.4.4- JasperSoft 5.580
6.Some comments about Pricing82
7.User opinion & sentiment analysis83
7.1The overall sentiment85
7.2What’s in a name: Analytics or Business Intelligence?86
7.3Career opportunities87
7.4Big Data: buzz or booming?89
7.5Mobile BI sentiment analysis91
8.Conclusions and Recommendations93
8.1Who do you want to use the product?93
8.2What is my existing infrastructure?93
8.3What are the volumes involved?94
8.4What is my budget?94
8.5What is most important for your organization?94
8.6Who do I want to do business with?95
9.About Passionned Group96
10.Appendices – Only in the Enterprise Edition98
10.1Appendix A1: Infrastructure and architecture98
10.2Appendix A2: Cloud Architecture101
10.3Appendix A3: Core Functionality102
10.4Appendix A4: Usability and visualization106
10.5Appendix A5: Mobile Business Intelligence107
10.6Appendix A6: Performance Issues & Big Data110
10.7Appendix A7: Predictive Analysis (Data Mining)112
10.8Appendix A8: Search and alerting113
10.9Appendix A9: Performance Management114
10.10Appendix A10: Security and connectivity116
11Appendix B1: Explanation of Terms & the RFI questionnaire118-141

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We have assisted more than 250 organizations successfully.
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