Business Intelligence Tools Questionnaire

What is in this Business Intelligence Tools Questionnaire?

This publication, named ‘the Business Intelligence Tools Questionnaire’, contains 197 key BI tool selection criteria questions spread across 15 categories. Use it to better understand the most critical selection criteria or to build a request for information (RFI).

How to use this BI Tools Questionnaire?

It may be very useful to carry out a Business Intelligence tool selection on your own. You may then want to use this questionnaire to get a good understanding of the criteria that are most important when carrying out a BI Tool selection. In addition you might want to use it to get the data from specific Business Intelligence vendors.

Is there a faster way to get all the answers?

If you think this method will take too much time, then download our Business Intelligence Tools Survey 2015. In this 100% vendor independent survey all the answers from the Business Intelligence vendors and tools are included, and more important, the data has been validated by our Business Intelligence experts. So, you can be sure that the answers are correct.

download the questionnaire