Pentaho releases version 4.8 with interactive Big Data capabilities

Pentaho, one of the open source Business Intelligence vendors, has released a new version (4.8) of its product suite. The company says to have implemented better support for Big Data and to have added ad hoc analysis to their mobile Business Intelligence solution.

As a 100% vendor independent research and consulting company, we have been examining these new product features thoroughly. We have adjusted the scores for Pentaho BI in our BI tools comparison matrix to reflect the new features. Our survey compares all the major Business Intelligence tools on 169 product features across 12 major categories.

This new version of Pentaho BI supports the analysis of Big Data in a user friendly manner: a process consisting of three simple steps:

  1. Choose a data source;
  2. Auto prepare Data for Analytics (embedded Data Integration);
  3. Visualize and explore data.

In previous versions of Pentaho BI this functionality was also available, but it was not an easy tasks to accomplish, involving Pentaho Data Integration jobs to run manually. Now with the latest version of Pentaho BI the data integration part is somehow seamlessly integrated in the front-end tool. The user is probably even not aware that Pentaho Data Integration is involved. This ‘auto prepare’ approach encourages analysts and data engineers to analyze and visualize Big Data sources more often and gives them more time to explore Big Data. This functionality is packaged as ‘Instaview’, some kind of wizard on top of Pentaho BI and Pentaho Data Integration, orchestrating Big Data tasks.

Pentaho’s mobile Business Intelligence solution is now supporting native iPad gestures in HTML5 and ad hoc analysis, something we have not seen before.

If you want to compare the product features of Pentaho BI 4.8, both their strengths and weaknesses, with all the other major Business Intelligence tools in the market, consider buying our Business Intelligence Tools Survey which is available for download.

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