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Passionned now also provides interim managers and specialists

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Passionned Group is a leading analyst and consultancy firm specialized in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence. Our passionate advisors assist many organizations in selecting the best Business Analytics Software and applications. Every two years we organize the election of the smartest company.

Do you need interim expertise?

Companies and organizations that need temporary extra capacity or expertise can go to Passionned Group from the start of 2015 for quality specialists and interim managers who will optimally fit in the organization. The interim managers are among the best in their field and are ingrained in the Passionned DNA: they are enthusiastic, knowledgeable and results-oriented. The interim managers shall ensure that the changes are accepted by the organization, and that they thereby become entrenched.

Besides interim specialists for BI and IT projects, Passionned provides interim BI and IT Managers and Interim CIOs. We also have interim Information Managers, CRM Managers, Quality Managers, Lean Managers, as well as Data Quality Managers.

Large network of quality specialists

Passionned Group draws on an extensive network of proven professionals in business intelligence, continuous improvement, and IT. We can provide a specialist in each field of business analytics, not only from (Big) Data Scientists to Business Intelligence consultants and architects, but also to Data, Business and Information Analysts. In addition, we can also provide consultants / developers on Business Intelligence platforms such as SAS Analytics, IBM Cognos, Qlik, BusinessObjects, Tableau, MicroStrategy, and Microsoft BI if required. Thus, the focus is on real-time (advanced) analytics, data mining and innovative Big Data applications.

We also have a selection of quality specialists available for lean processes, quality management and PDCA (continuous improvement), and this includes quality consultants, facilitators, process analysts, lean consultants, PDCA consultants, PDCA team coaches, change managers and specialists, quality experts and strategic consultants.

High quality and personal approach

Your request and the profile of the person for whom you are looking are the starting point for Passionned in the search for the most suitable candidate. Speed, quality, and a personal approach are of paramount importance to us. The candidate will be forwarded to you; we can also handle the administration work if you need us to do so.

Nice addition to the complete package

The new interim services have been designed as an additional component to the existing services of Passionned in consulting projects, training and workshops, the knowledge base, and implementation projects. In addition, the large and high-quality network that has been built up within Passionned over the years is extremely useful. “The service is new and brings a nice addition to the already comprehensive package of services that Passioned has to offer,” says Daan van Beek, managing director.

Investing in a flexible shell (workforce)

“Big Data professionals are currently the most sought after IT specialists,” continues Daan. “These are exactly the people whom Passionned has in-house, so there is a great market for them. In addition, many companies prefer to invest in their own flexible workforce if they need additional expertise or capacity. At Passionned, we are going to offer our own professionals and independent specialists to clients.”

Strict business approach

The added value of Passionned is in the strict business approach to Business Intelligence and Big Data projects. “Our starting point is not merely the BI tools technology or their technological capabilities, but mainly also what it can offer the business and its application. Central to the approach is therefore what BI and Big Data the users and the organization will deliver. What insights does a company need from its growing quantity of (unstructured) data? We look for the best people there, and this means that we are 100% independent of suppliers.”

The complete range of Passionned Group Interim Managers and Specialists (Dutch).

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