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MicroStrategy simplifies product line

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Enterprise software platform specialist MicroStrategy reclassified its products, which lead to a simplified productline. The number of products was downgraded from 21 to only 4 value-based pricing products for developers, analysts, power users and consumers.

Free updates

MicroStrategy simplifies product lineExisting customers will get free updates to the new premium products. These new, cheaper products should, according to MicroStrategy, make it easier for customers to choose the brand for all their needs in the area of business analytics and mobile applications. It’s meant to enhance the customer experience.

All products include different kinds of analytics

The new product line is said to make budgeting and planning easier, especially allocating investments to the end-user. Optional are complete authoring features and integration with Microsoft Office. MicroStrategy includes datafederation, write-back, closed-loop analysis and automated report distribution. System architects have the option to manage upgrades, migrations and data loads as well as free server management and monitoring features. All products include different kinds of analytics (self-service, dashboards, advanced analysis) on every interface (web, mobile, pdf, email, reports) on a big-data scale and automated platform.

The 4 packages focus on the role of the user

MicroStrategy Server is meant for all users. It entails a fully equipped server infrastructure designed to be connected to multiple data sources. This package is scalable up to several hundred thousand users and includes the required management and monitoring tools. Business users can choose MicroStrategy Web, which allows them to use and design analytics through an intuitive web interface.

Quick and simple analytics on the road

MicroStrategy Mobile is the package meant for mobile workers with an Apple iOS or Android device that need quick and simple analytics on the road. The last product is MicroStrategy Architect which offers a wired range of development, implementation and migration tools to developers. This can be used to efficiently manage the application development lifecycle. All packages are supplemented by the MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop, a rang of self-service business intelligence tools.

MicroStrategy in our Business Intelligence Tools Survey

Additional and more up-to-date information on the complete BI offering of MicroStrategy is available in our 100% vendor neutral Business Intelligence Tools Survey 2019.

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