Louis Brackel | Lean expert strengthens Passionned Group

Lean expert, Louis Brackel, strengthens Passionned Group

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Passionned Group is a leading analyst and consultancy firm specialized in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence. Our passionate advisors assist many organizations in selecting the best Business Analytics Software and applications. Every two years we organize the election of the smartest company.

“Lean brings out the best in everyone”


Passionned Group keeps growing and is consistently working on improving services. People are essential in making an organization work smarter. Because once the processes are arranged smarter and the ‘Lean’-thinking is embraced, the new method of work should also be anchored into the organization’s DNA. So, companies must learn to think both vertically and horizontally, and again put their teams in the driver’s seat with the help of information that really matters.

Lean expert, Louis Brackel, strengthens Passionned GroupLean expert, Louis Brackel, strengthens Passionned Group. Our new associate partner Louis Brackel does not only help to create intelligent organizations, he also enters into the spirit of the corporate culture.

Louis is a Lean Black Belt, Register Controller and certified coach. He has over 25 years experience as a financial manager, management consultant, coach, program and project manager in the field of performance management and Lean.

To get acquainted with Louis, we asked him a few questions:

What does a ‘Lean’ organization mean to you?

Lean means that you stop organizational waste and continuously work on improving processes. So that the customer, the employee, and the organization benefit from it. You do not improve on a project basis; instead, you do it every day of the year. Many organizations are still vertically oriented and have the focus on their own department, so they do not easily have a comprehensive overview in order to improve processes.”

“I always compare these departments with silos; processes can’t be managed well on the whole. The customer suffers from it. As a result, the organization suffers too. With a horizontal approach, you can manage processes across the different columns. That’s how Lean works. By bringing together teams from different departments and allowing them to collaborate, you find out that there is much room for improvement. This is possible only with the participation of each and every employee. This requires a different leadership style.”

What does smarter working mean in the long term?

“It comes down to a cultural change. Smarter collaboration must be a ‘way of life’, because it doesn’t work otherwise. To this end, managers must be guided in Lean working.”

How do you see the future of the intelligent organization and your role in it?

“In 2015, many companies already work smarter, partly thanks to the deployment of appropriate IT systems that enable processing data in an intelligent way. People obviously still play an important role in these intelligent organizations. “First organize than computerize”, is an old-fashioned management approach. Organizing and inspiring this is my profession; to coach managers for Lean leadership so that they can show exemplary behavior.”

What attracts you to the Passionned Group?

“Passionned Group is an organization that, like me, is action-oriented and pragmatic. My colleagues know what they are talking about, look beyond the obvious, understand that you have to do it together with your customers, and dare to challenge them. Which I find very enjoyable. My passion and focus have always been on working towards the intelligent organization by creating a more collaborative way of thinking and acting, based on proven principles of shaping organizations. So Passionned Group is a perfect fit for me regarding ambition, culture, and services.”

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