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Intelligent Insights BI & Analytics™

A Passionned Original

Intelligent Insights BI & Analytics™: a flexible app to boost your knowledge

Intelligent Insights BI & Analytics™ is an app and a knowledge portal (with over a thousand hours of video) that you can use to rapidly increase your knowledge and expertise of BI & Analytics and the data science market. With this app, you can quickly compare the vendors and the market based on 1,000 criteria, all easily and clearly visualized and ordered. We’ve done all the legwork for you, saving you up to thousands of dollars per year. Staying up-to-date in your field or choosing a tool has never been easier or more objective. Take a look at the demo version or order a license for only 99 euros a month.

What can the Intelligent Insights BI & Analytics™ app do for managers and professionals?

The direct benefits and applications of Intelligent Insights BI & Analytics are:

  • Develop, refine, and enrich your knowledge as a data professional in the field of your choosing. The app can be used as an online training course for yourself and your team. Take advantage of the valuable insights contained in its extensive video library.
  • Select, as a consultant or manager, the vendor(s) that best suit(s) the requirements of your organization or project. Download the app for an objective vendor evaluation in the run up to an RFP proposal, a tool selection, or in preparation for a presentation.
  • Compare and evaluate vendors in relation each other. If you are a vendor, see how you stack up against the competition.
  • Stay up to date on the latest developments and news in your field and the market, as a consultant or manager.

All of these applications have been developed and integrated into one app so that you can do your work more quickly and advise your clients or colleagues more effectively.

Main topics of Intelligent Insights BI & Analytics™

The following topics are considered in the Intelligent Insights app. Each topic also covers a large number of sub-topics, represented by the number following each subject below.

Analytics (+100)
Artificial Intelligence (+100)
Big data (+100)
Business Intelligence (+100)
Connectivity (+100)
Data discovery (+100)
Data governance (+50)
Data integration (+25)
Infrastructure (+75)
Mobile Business Intelligence (+50)
Multidimensional models (+25)
Performance (+50)
Performance management (+25)
Real-time (+25)
Self-service functionality (+25)

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Regardless of your goal, you will have access to many thousands of relevant insights and videos. The knowledge they contain is essential for any (freelance) BI consultant or data science & analytics manager. In just two taps or clicks, you can access all the information and knowledge required to execute or manage your projects even better than before. End-users can instantly see the strengths and weaknesses of each vendor. These clear insights can help you understand and contextualize developments in the market and make a final vendor selection (based on both a long list and a short list of criteria).

Get a quick overview of the vendor scores, their market positions, and relevant news using Intelligent Insights

This is an impression from the demo environment. Keep in mind that the scores assigned in the demo are randomly scrambled and do not represent reality. Click here to try the demo for yourself.

Finally: you can verify whether or not a certain insight corresponds with reality. Intelligent Insights BI & Analytics is no black box, but a clear looking glass that offers much to see and learn.

The ideal combination of algorithms and the human eye

Intelligent Insights BI & Analytics is based on the Intelligent Insights platform developed by Passionned Group. The experts at Passionned Group use this platform to get an overview of a (random) field in record time thanks to the application of various artificial intelligence technologies (for example, text analytics). The knowledge and insights revealed aren’t just widely accessible and applicable, but also deeper than the knowledge possessed even by experienced consultants and managers. In addition to an ensemble of algorithms, the human eye (our experts) provides the finishing touch, overruling the algorithms when necessary – a perfect symbiosis of man and machine (learning). All the insights are generated by the combination of the algorithms and common (human) sense.

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Just a few clicks away from a world of practical knowledge

Intelligent Insights BI & Analytics is divided into 6 practical modules designed for anyone who wants to stay up-do-date on the latest developments in the field and/or those who want to monitor the performance of BI & Data Science vendors. The self-service analysis module enables you to determine which vendors to include in the scope and by which criteria to evaluate them.

Example of the drill-down functionality of Intelligent Insights

Example of the self-service functionality of Intelligent Insights BI & Analytics™ from the demo environment. Note: the results in the demo version are randomized and do not reflect reality. Click here to try the demo version.

Do you also want to follow a short course on deep learning by renowned experts in the field, or learn about DAX, AutoML, AI bots, self-service data discovery, Google Bigquery, Tensorflow, contextual data mining, or JSON, or learn how to make a cool bubble or waterfall chart? With this modular app that runs in any modern browser you’re only a few clicks away from your destination.

Sign up for a 3-month license

Intelligent Insights BI & Analytics runs on any device, cellphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. For just 99 euros a month, you get a license that remains valid for 90 days, granting you access to the app on three different devices. If you want to extend the license or allow more users, you can easily modify the license agreement online. If you have any questions about the product’s features and functionality or the license agreement, contact us.

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Take advantage of every extra feature

  • Broaden and deepen your knowledge of the field with a low barrier to entry using thousands of demos, tutorials, training courses, tech talks, classes, et cetera
  • Draft a shortlist of vendors that meet your (knockout) selection criteria
  • Evaluate every vendor based on their market dominance and functionality and draw your own (preliminary) conclusions based on the many graphs

Drill down on each topic and sub-topic for every individual vendor covered

  • Drill-down to five levels deep so that you never have to stop learning all the tricks of the trade
  • Stay up-to-date: gain access to every relevant and available news source in the field of BI, AI, data science, and analytics
  • Download any graph and save it as an image. Simply drag the images into your Word or Powerpoint file and enrich your presentations
  • Gain deeper and more refined knowledge by clicking on the subjects relevant to your interests

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Target audience: consultants and managers who love BI, AI, and data (science)

Intelligent Insights BI & Analytics has been specially developed for the broader community of consultants, advisors, and BI managers that lead BI teams, Datalabs, or a Business Intelligence Competence Center (BICC). But data and IT professionals, independent advisors, (freelance) consultants, business managers, IT managers, CIOs, Chief Data Officers, and managers of consultancy firms will benefit from this app. Use this app to more quickly and effectively advise your clients and users on the front line and gain a competitive edge. Giving your team access to this app will only further enhance this benefit.

Contents: every important vendor and almost 1,000 relevant topics

Intelligent Insights BI & Analytics contains (as of this writing) material from 20 vendors and all of their relevant products. The latest version of their products is always evaluated. With almost 1,000 relevant topics in the field, this app is a crucial source of up-to-date knowledge.

Vendors evaluated

The following 20 vendors are evaluated based on at least 1,000 criteria.

Hitachi (Pentaho)
Infor (Birst)
Information Builders

These radar graphs demonstrate the visualization functions of Intelligent Insights. Keep in mind that the scores assigned in the demo are randomly scrambled and do not represent reality. Click here to visit the demo environment.

Radar graph visualizations generated by Intelligent Insights

When relevant, you can also zoom in on the radar graphs. The app also contains line graphs that visualize a vendor’s results over time so you can see how quickly or slowly they develop.

4 reasons to order a license now

Intelligent Insights BI & Analytics was developed with a focus on these important benefits (among others):

  1. QUICKLY INCREASE YOUR KNOWLEDGE: By subscribing to the app, you’re never more than two mouse clicks removed from an ever-growing library of videos and news items. Consult a short instructional video at any time, such as a 5-minute video by an expert explaining the concept of a data lake. Or follow a demonstration, a tutorial, or an inspirational (mini) class by an absolute expert in the field of Machine Learning (ML), such as Stanford University’s Andrew Ng. Thanks to the app’s easy-to-use navigation, you’ll never get lost and all the relevant content is handed to you on a silver platter.
  2. 100% OBJECTIVE EVALUATIONS: The Intelligent Insights BI & Analytics app and its underlying knowledge base makes the process of evaluating vendors and everything that comes with it completely objective. Every subjective factor, such as dishonest answers, human errors, and randomness has been removed from the process. The result is an objective evaluation system that is fair to vendors, consultants, and end-users. The goal is to arrive at the “best choice” in a specific business situation. Travelers that want to compare hotels go to tripadvisor. People who want to evaluate potential employers go to Glassdoor. And smart professionals that want to compare BI software download the Intelligent Insights BI & Analytics app.
  3. ALWAYS UP-TO-DATE: Thanks to the algorithms that continuously run in the background, checking relevant public sources, the Intelligent Insights app is always up-to-date and complete. Traditional analyst reports, on the other hand, can take a year or more to generate and are thus dated the second they’re published. Also, besides the real-time updating of the data, the algorithm is regularly updated and the reliability of the data and content is regularly checked. This ensures that the insights that users get access to through the app are always based on the latest developments and the latest versions of the software.
  4. SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS PER MONTH: Last but not least: the app can save you a considerable amount of time. Let’s do some simple math. If a consultant, manager, or an entire team each invest 4 hours per week into staying up-to-date and everything that entails (which is not an unrealistic scenario), the app can reduce this time down to 1 hour a week. Assuming an average of 4.3 weeks a month and an average hourly rate of 100 dollars, you’re quickly saving one thousand dollars per month per full-time employee. On an annual basis, this can run up well into the tens of thousands of dollars. An investment in Intelligent Insights quickly pays for itself.

Do you want to quickly learn more about BI, AI & Analytics?

Objective and quick access to information and knowledge about the field, the BI & Analytics market, the vendors, and the software functionality is rare. Most manually created reports, knowledge banks, or online training platforms are expensive, inaccessible, and opaque. They also frequently contain subjective elements.

The developers of Intelligent Insights BI & Analytics have broken these old patterns. They chose an alternative, innovative mobile-first and AI-first approach. This makes Intelligent Insights BI & Analytics the first app that is 100% based on completely objective and verified big data. Completely free of biases.

Judge for yourself. Try out the demo version or order a license immediately. Or contact us if you have any questions.

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