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Data organization improved by SAS MDM

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SAS, supplier of business analytics software and services and a vendor in the business intelligence market, has updated its Master Data Management and Federation Server software. The software is designed to help organizations better access data, manage data and use data from any source. The ability to organize and manage the data pouring in from an ever-growing list of sources is critical, according to SAS.

Pervasive data governance

Data organization improved by SAS Master Data Management and Federation Server

Embedded data quality has been included in the latest version of MDM, to ensure clean and accurate data. Usability was improved to provoke business user engagement. Also the collaboration between business and IT should improve as pervasive data governance was added to the business analytics software. This should help organizations to implement MDM in a phased approach says SAS, delivering business value while using existing software to reduce integration costs.

Most notable MDM features

Let’s describe the most notable new MDM features. There is enhanced data governance with workflow-based remediation, which allows team members to route and resolve data issues within a common user interface. This should increase productivity and reduce data quality errors.

Multi-domain hierarchy support

Furthermore it’s now possible to customize the user interface and to make deep links, which should speed decision making, increase collaboration and reduce IT data integration costs. The last feature worth mentioning is the improved multi-domain hierarchy support. This visualizes relationships among business entities and improves usability.

Big Data virtualization

The new Federation Server release will include big data virtualization and provides access to Hadoop, SAP HANA, Oracle, DB2 and other data sources, thus creating visual representations without physically moving data. This provides access to shared, secure enterprise data to speed and simplify data preparation through a kind of data-as-a-service approach. SAS has also tightened security, data masking and data governance to ensure proper policies, access and restrictions for sensitive data.


Manufacturer and distributor of non-acute medical equipment Invacare, uses SAS to support its global MDM efforts. With more than 830,000 active products across multiple ERP-systems, the company desired a clear picture of what products were available in which global markets. Before SAS MDM, Invacare found data on identical products duplicated in different ERP systems and classified using different terminology.

The confusion this caused led to time-consuming, redundant analysis. Greg Rossiter, Director of Global Business Information and Data Management for Invacare states: “We are creating master product and supplier data hubs with the SAS MDM and SAS Data Management solutions by integrating disparate product data from 25 ERP systems. We’re able to perform de-duplication and data classification – and enhance the data around our vast product set.”

The Business Intelligence Tools Survey (SAS comparison included)

Additional and more up-to-date information on the SAS BI & Big Data offering is available in our Business Intelligence Tools Survey 2019.

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