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How to enhance decision making with Business Intelligence software?

As a manager / architect or consultant you want to know how to organise your information more efficiently. Business Intelligence software automates the process of selecting data from different source systems, transform that data into valuable information and combine it in a single report or dashboard.

It delivers intelligence to employees and management

This type of software helps organizations to achieve efficient enterprise wide reporting and it delivers “intelligence” to employees and management who need it to make better decisions than yesterday and better decisions than their competitors.

What are the biggest benefits of BI-software?

You need to implement BI-software when your organisation is ready to:

  • organise its information more efficiently and visualise it very effectively
  • provide each employee with insights they need in order to improve business processes
  • make better decisions at all levels of the organisation on a daily basis
  • create a competitive advantage by creating insights your competitors don’t have

Without the right insights and software companies experience more trouble

Companies that don’t use Business Intelligence software, or didn’t select the right software, are often exposed to higher risks than companies that use such software. This became very clear from our independent research among 389 organisations: companies that are successful with Business Intelligence have a higher profitability, more satisfied customers and employees.

Which solutions are available in the market?

An overview of the major vendors of this type of software can be found in the list of Business Intelligence software which is provided and maintained by the Passionned Group. We have more than 25 years experience in Business Intelligence and that’s why we created an ideal instrument to select the right software very quickly: our Business Intelligence Tools Survey.

How to select Business Intelligence software for your company?

Step 1: Define the key Business Intelligence requirements from an IT- and user perspective.
Step 2: Use the list of requirements to get all the answers from the BI-vendors (RFI).
Step 3: Put all the answers in a matrix for the different vendors and analyse the information.
Step 4: Create a Business Intelligence software-short list and set-up a proof-of-concept.
Step 5: Negotiate with one or two vendors and choose the software that suits your needs best.

What type of BI-software do you need?
Many of the solutions are able to create pixel-perfect reports, but some can do a lot more and have features on board for corporate performance management, mobile Business Intelligence, Data Integration, Data Discovery and advanced Statistics. There are four categories:

  1. Enterprise Business Intelligence software
  2. Database and packaged products
  3. Data Discovery and Visualization software
  4. Innovative, new and Niche products
Enterprise Business Intelligence platformsDatabase and packaged products
Data Discovery and Data Visualization softwareInnovative & niche Business Intelligence software

Another classification can be made as we look at how the software is created: open source versus closed source, or commercial software. Open source does not mean that you don’t have to pay for the software; it does only tell you that the source code is developed by an open source community. Often it is then exploited by a commercial company for example Pentaho or JasperSoft.

to the bi tools survey

This can be a very time consuming process and you cannot always be sure that the answers of the vendors are 100% right. That are the two main reasons why we have developed our 100% vendor independent Business Intelligence Tools Survey. All Business Intelligence software available in the market is thoroughly compared on 169 key evaluation criteria.

Get true insight with our 100% indepedent survey

The BI tools Survey gives you true insight into the most important features of the different Business Intelligence software solutions. It is 100% vendor independent and the software vendors do not pay to be included. Our survey compares BI software on 15 major categories and lists all their strengths and weaknesses. In addition the survey contains for each solution expert opinions, many tips and a powerful comparison matrix with all the details.

to the bi tools survey

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